How To Fix P0442 Code On Mercury Grand Marquis

How To Fix P0442 Code On Mercury Grand Marquis

What’s up you guys! Learn how to fix a P0442 small emission leak on your 2003 – 2011 Mercury Grand Marquis/Crown Victoria/Lincoln Town Car

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⏳REPAIR TIME: 30 Minutes

1. Motorcraft Fuel Cap
2. Canister Solenoid

1. OBD ll Scan Tool
2. 3/8 Socket Set
3. Pick and Hook Set
4. Disposable Gloves
5. Floor Jack
6. Jack Stands

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MrJoshua Brandon Farrell says:

Whats your cashapp?

dennis dopira says:

I did not get codes, but pump would shut off at three bucks, 45-dollar Ebay part and I too had to break the studs, works great instant fix and cheap!

TheBarth79 says:

Looks easy .Thanks.

dennis dopira says:

Good common-sense video!

Kyle Snyder says:

You put new one in I take it cleaning the old didn't work and that new one didn't work either ? So u need to smoke test it ?

Jesus Rubalcava says:

Jesse, What about P0153, I already changed 02 sensors on 2000 gran marquis. Thanks

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