Mercedes W212 | How To Replace Engine Fuel Filter

Mercedes W212 | How To Replace Engine Fuel Filter

How to change the engine fuel filter on Mercedes-Benz. This is done on my E-Class W212 Diesel engine (OM651) but the procedure is mostly the same for other models.

If you like to do it the recommend way from MB you should use a plier special made for the click clamps part-nr (171589003700) but I don’t had any at home and the normal plier with a flat screwdriver worked flawlessly.

And you should also order new click clamps, they should not be reused again, and should not be replaced with any other type of connector.

You could also buy a new filter without the heating element and reuse it from the old filter. Is a cost saver but taking more time to do.

Buy links!
Hose clamp plier –
Diesel filter –
Clamp 13-14.5 mm –
Clamp 14.5-15.5 mm –



Abu Yuosef says:

This filter for diesel engine I think not for gasoline.

Pikley says:

Well that was fast

Parm Singh says:

Well done again, always wait for the notifications of your new videos. Attention to detail with the part numbers is amazing.

李信旻 says:

Oh yes E220 or 250
adding this vid into collection

Philip Kennedy says:

On my w212 e350, unfortunately the fuel filter is not as easy as this to replace or I would have done it by now! Currently sat on shelf in the garage staring at me to do it!

AverageDev says:

Put in title that its OM651 engine

Awan Khattar says:

Great Video!!! Even though mine is gas engine but I still enjoyed your video.

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