Mercedes w176 A180 Battery Replacement – how to – DIY

Mercedes w176 A180 Battery Replacement – how to – DIY

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Simple DIY guide on how to remove and replace the car battery from a Mercedes w176 A180 . On newer vehicles, it’s important to keep the 12 volts supply to the Computer so it won’t be necessary to reset different values on the car ; there are no other instructions required if you do that.



Lexx says:

Лютый славянский акцент.

AG says:

thank you very much for the good demonstration

albwerms says:

MB aftermarket services recomments reseting the battery load performances in the software of the car. It can only be done in MB official shop. Is that really needed?

Andrea says:

Could I use a battery charger on the right side ? The part where you attached the Voltmeter.

Big Edge says:

A couple things missed here…one, remove the bracket after taking screw out. Will make placing battery into place easier and correctly. Two, remove the plastic shield from the terminal side of the battery….it has clips, and will make your life much easier when removing and installing new battery. Especially if the battery weighs nearly 50 pounds….finally, after dropping new battery into place, Then, attach bracket, Then, attach shield, Then, snake plus terminal wire inside of shield, and reconnect battery terminals. After all is connected, the check engine light may come on, but in many cases, after around 5 start ups and driving around, should go away while computer relearns a few things….I have had the annoying privilege of swapping out my Benz battery many times….

Montri says:

Autool BT-460, you use it ,can it make
for Power the battery ? Normally, i will use another battery to jumping cable for standby battery when i want to replace a new battery.

Antwnhs Sk says:

Battery Bosch S5A11 AGM 80AH 800A is good for my W176 A180 ?

민현기 says:

What happens if you dont connect the extra 12v battery to keep the computer working?

Adem Hurrian says:

I heard you can connect external battery positive to red positive side and external battery negative to ground hook on the car. Will it work?
I assume it can be also made by another car's battery (car should be working)
any ideas?

Ciprian Circa says:

I have A180 W179,my battery is inside the car,can I use another car battery to make the swap? I have 3 car batteries,is it any danger due to the voltage and amps?

gtiz5 says:

Thank you for making this tutorial: it is very clear and informative!!

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