Mercedes SLK: How To Fix The Roof And Change The Supercharger | Wheeler Dealers

Mercedes SLK: How To Fix The Roof And Change The Supercharger | Wheeler Dealers

Edd China shows how easy it is to replace a supercharger in a Mercedes SLK as well as the best best way to figure out what could be wrong with an immobile roof.

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Lou Trotechaud says:

Not sure if it's the camera angle but you look huge in there

John Staley says:

Edd, I hope that this message meets with your approval. When you left Wheeler Dealers the reason to watch was gone and I’ve never watched another episode. You were the reason to watch.

Max Mark says:

Edd China is a genius !

Teck Lau says:


Paul Lacey says:

Mike was always a bullshitter, that’s what made him successful. Together with Edd, they made the best car show. The move to the States was the nail in the coffin. Selling out to Velocity just finished it off. It was Mikes baby, but he did not need to have more air time than buying then selling.
It’s return to the UK will not help it survive, the rot set in when Edd left.

Don Love says:

Solid machine R170..

Faizal Noerdin says:

How to watch with full episode. This is really disapointed by watching not complete vidio.

Giani Casarini says:

Hello Blessings to you

Javier Nevot Vidal says:

Coches duros y algunos potentes

Ishfaque Hussain says:

Hi bro i am looking to get repair my peugeot 107 2009 front bumper because hit from front driver side

Bilal Ahmed says:

Any information on this SLK these days ? Last time I checked, the MOT wasn’t renewed in November 2020.

Robert Clarke says:

Edd you are the man and wheeler dealer show is all about you not Mike, any fool can buy an old car. Make videos of your own that we can all enjoy. Keep on keeping on.

K Brickell says:

you for got about the special oil fro the super charger which should be changed ever 40k miles

K Brickell says:

it Is the later version. smaller charger. the earlier one has electric clutch and a bigger charger. much more difficult to remove

K Brickell says:

swop out is Americanese language. please use english..change the pump

William Dryden says:

Every body wishes they had a man like Ed to go with their car.

Street Rider says:

In real life….its never so simple as ''the relay''

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