Mercedes Seat Belt Buckle Troubleshoot & Replacement – Safety First (C230, C240, C280, CLK550)

Mercedes Seat Belt Buckle Troubleshoot & Replacement – Safety First (C230, C240, C280, CLK550)

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Do you have an SRS light on your 2003-2007 C-Class or CLK Mercedes? Rather than taking the car to the dealer, consider replacing the seat belt buckle first or scanning the car for any fault codes. In Mercedes coupes like the Project CLK550, the wiring for the seat belts is often damaged by the repetitive folding motion when passengers are entering and exiting the rear of the vehicle. This can cause a short in the circuit.

Kyle is here to show you how to replace the faulty seat belt buckle on your Mercedes. This video is applicable to all CLK and most C-Class models between 2003-2007.

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Douglas Lopez says:

Great Info..thank you, my car has the same problem and I will do the same thing ASAP.

Rahin Huq says:

Is this applicable for the w204 coup?

adrian fisher says:

Buy some cutters!

Ecclesia stical says:

Why was the part on the outside of the trim at 8:22 but then you install it under the trim at 9:29 ?
What is the proper placement?

Mark Palmer says:

Excellant Video, Superb Quality and Professionally presented, Thankyou

Jay M says:

Bro I was wondering so my dad has an 2004 c class C200 CDI and with us we’ve got this problem where whenever we have our seatbelts on in the front the car detects how we still don’t have our seatbelts on yet we actually do any help you could give me bro like where the seatbelt sensor is??

Michael Bisk says:

Ok folks. All of the so called experts are not giving away their secrets, so I will. The gentleman on this video does a great job, but he is missing the root of the problem. This SRS repair light fix is with all Mercedes. Listen up… Put the Mercedes diagnostic on the OBD2. When you get a shorted squib error ( resistance = 0 ), it is not because of a bad squib,and it's rare that a fault of a rubbing wire to ground is your problem. The wires are dressed away from the track. Here's the fix: There are two yellow connectors under the driver seat ( and passengers seat ) that control the seat below and Squib ( explosive). Go to the yellow connector that is connected to the squib and disconnect it. The factory has installed a shorting strip inside this connector as a safety precaution, and this strip is causing the sort. You can fix this one two ways. You can pry this metal piece out or you can eliminate this connector all together by hard wiring. The resistance on the squib is 3.2 to 4 ohms. Remember this is an explosive, and I don't recommend putting a VOM meter on the two squib wires. As a quick test, disconnect the two wires to the squib and short out with a 3 ohm resistor. Your srs light will go away, but the squib is no longer in the circuit, which I don't recommend. The problem is in the connector and the error code is R12/9. You will need to reset the srs light with ICarsoftMBII and the problem will not happen again. If you plan on reusing the yellow connector, you must remove the metal grounding bar, or just cut it off. I hope I was able to save people headaches and money on this fix.

Richard Deldonna says:

Do you have a video on (2005 Clk 320) Belt buckle airbag, extensioner retractor front passenger failure? I have the ICarsoft CR pro, which is showing me a failure there.

Muneeb aladawi says:

Hi iam having a problem with my w221 2007… Rear passenger door its locked… But in the cluster it keep on saying door is open…. Even the cabin light will stay on…. Where is the door lock sensor located and can it be fixed?

Sean Yeahright says:

parts not on fcp pro but great fucking video dude !

Conrad Senior says:

Nice presentation. I wish they were all this good.

Thomas Klima says:

Did the srs light trun off after clearing code? You did not show that

Jayson’s MB W209 says:

Thanks for the video. It was very helpful and I ordered my part from FCP

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