Mercedes GLA: A/C Blower Motor Replacement DIY How To

Mercedes GLA: A/C Blower Motor Replacement DIY How To

Have that annoying humming sound from your Air Conditioning? This is how you fix it!!



Maynard says:

Wow! Your instructional video made it a total breeze!!! However, when I pulled the old blower out, we found out there was a dead mouse inside it that was causing it to be off balance. Gross! After cleaning the housing, I installed the new motor anyway since we already had it. This truly saved us at least a couple hundred dollars. Thank you for the help!!!

p_atn says:

Do you have to replace the control module aka regulator as well?

Justin Moore says:

What size torque bit

Justin Banks says:

Wat year is this car

Michał Kursadowicz says:

Do you think the blower is replaced the same in cla c117?

Ishan Malhotra says:

Great vid helped me take the glove box off much thanks

Mike Langieri says:

Great video, no nonsense or lousy music. It would've been nice to see you apply 12v to that blower to see if it still vibrated. There's a million posts about NB noisy Heat/AC fan motors noise, sometimes all they need is lube, sometimes there's some sort of debris stuck in there. Mine just started making the buzzing/Humming noise. I cleaned out the cabin filter, lots of pieces of leaves. It got better, but high speed is spin intolerable. Guess I'm going to have to go back in and remove the fan, clean/lube it.

As far as the part goes:

Ning Liu says:

Where did you get the new part?

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