Mercedes-Benz W211 Suspension Diagnostics – Everything You Need To Know (E350, E55 AMG, & E63AMG)

Mercedes-Benz W211 Suspension Diagnostics – Everything You Need To Know (E350,  E55 AMG, & E63AMG)

►In this Mercedes-Benz W211 Suspension Guide, Kyle Bascombe, our Mercedes-Benz Catalog Manager, educates us about the common issues associated with the W211 chassis. Kyle goes over key maintenance items, along with common failure points (such as control arms, bushings, and air suspension).

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John Black says:

Can somebody help me with this I have a 2013 CLS Mercedes-Benz the suspension drops sometime in sport mode never drop in comfort only in sport mode sometimes goes for days and then drop

King Nica says:

I’m trying to pinpoint what is wrong with the used Benz I just bought. It’s an older 2006 E350 4Matic, but I really like its look. Only thing is when I come to a complete stop right before it stops it makes like a thud noise and I have no idea if it’s transmission related, air suspension, or brakes. Anyone please help if you know what it actually sounds like the problem is?

David R says:

Video very well explained and understandable send thumbs up to you buddy

Ashton Kisten says:

Hi, I have a 2004 W211 270cdi and it drifts or floats in corners. What do you suspect is damaged? I have replaced front shocks

Do Minh Huy杜明辉 says:

Do u has 2003 cl55 model control arms

Sun Maher says:

this guy just say he was a catalog guy

Alexander Arcia says:

So Does the 2012 E350’s have air suspension or steel suspension??

Ryan Dolce says:

If i call up can I ask to speak to Kyle?

Rigo Ramirez says:

Hi Kyle, thank you so much for the video. Very explanatory. I've been trying to chase a knocking noise on front suspension of my AMG w211, to no avail. I'm thinking of backing the nut off the sway bar link and re-torque, as you mentioned that might help, but I really have no clue what this bar looks like. Can you provide a part number from the FCP Euro site so I can identify it? Much appreciated.

korencek says:

I must figure out how to destroy joints on my mercedes. I knocked wheels on curbs at 50km/h at least 10 times while drifting with no damage. I hope the new mercedeses are as good as this old ones.

all_obi okereke says:

I have a e350 2007 4matic, the car vibrates when I reaches 50 on the speedometer but kinda stabilizes when it gets to 60 , my shafts are bad .. I need to know how I can get original replacement parts as in my country Nigeria they like replacing with secondhand parts which really has no guarantee and most new parts are from China which are very frigil and doesn't last ..

Eddie Del Villar says:

Will this fix my car pulling to the right? i have aligned it but still pulling to one side. Or is just time to replace the arms, its a 2008 w211 with 140k. Thanks!

trainingdragon1964 says:

I have an 08 E63. When I go over small bumps (say speed bumps) I get a creaking noise. I've replaced the thrust arms and sway bar links. No change. Someone mentioned that it could be the air struts. Is that possible? They air up with no issues. Could the air struts generate noise over bumps?? Thanks

Big knoc Chi town says:

So what if height is okay replaced bushings etc but when you hit bumps vehicle hits hard feels like I have no shocks

Big knoc Chi town says:

How do you know when its your rear shocks or springs when I hit bumps it feels like the gl 450 bottoms out or hits hard what could this be.

Dominique Opferkuch says:

Btw. You should mention the lower, main, ball joint which is so prone to fail, replacable though

Dominique Opferkuch says:

Very good and well presented. I am certified MB System Engineer.

Dave Johnson says:

With the advent of the 4matic would you recommend aftermarket wheels on a e500 4matic wagon?

Eric Sampson says:

Watched for the 4th time and still found informative and very helpful.

Julie says:

I have a Mercedes E500, 2003 that has been sitting in my garage for many months now because the Automatic transmisión box is broken and I haven’t been able to fix it. The car has been parked like I said for a long time and (because of the suspension I think) it has become super low now, almost to the point of bringing the tires down low. How bad is that for the entire car?

Pot Committed says:

easy as that! 8 hrs of beating, banging, heating, clamping, prying, pickle forking, air hammering trying to get the lower ball joints loose on the control arms without completely destroying everything. Got one done. (06' e55)

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