Mercedes-Benz W205 C300 Battery Replacement DIY (2012-2018 C250 & C350)

Mercedes-Benz W205 C300 Battery Replacement DIY (2012-2018 C250 & C350)

► The battery is an essential part of your Mercedes W205 maintenance cycle. It is responsible for providing the power needed to get your car running. When your battery starts to fail, you may experience longer than normal crank times in hot and cold weather, see error messages on the dash related to certain convenience features, or your eco start-stop may cease functioning.

Whatever the case may be, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms or have purchased a used vehicle and don’t know the history of the battery, this video will show you how to get the job done. From swapping the old battery out to putting the new one in, and also showing you how to reset your W205’s auto window function, Kyle Bascombe, FCP Euro’s Mercedes Catalog Manager has you covered in this DIY.

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00:00 – 01:40 Intro & Tools Needed
01:40 – 01:52 Putting your W205 C300 Hood in Service Position
01:52 – 02:43 Removing Trim & Cover to Access the Battery
02:43 – 04:34 Old Battery Removal
04:34 – 06:45 New Battery Install
06:45 – 07:42 Trim & Battery Cover Reinstall
07:42 – 09:03 How to reset the ‘Auto’ Window Function on a W205 C300
09:03 – 09:37 Thanks for Watching!

This video applies to the following vehicles:
Mercedes-Benz C300
2008 Mercedes-Benz C300
2009 Mercedes-Benz C300
2010 Mercedes-Benz C300
2011 Mercedes-Benz C300
2012 Mercedes-Benz C300
2013 Mercedes-Benz C300
2014 Mercedes-Benz C300
2015 Mercedes-Benz C300
2016 Mercedes-Benz C300
2017 Mercedes-Benz C300
2018 Mercedes-Benz C300

Mercedes-Benz SLK230
1998 Mercedes-Benz SLK230
1999 Mercedes-Benz SLK230
2000 Mercedes-Benz SLK230
2001 Mercedes-Benz SLK230
2002 Mercedes-Benz SLK230
2003 Mercedes-Benz SLK230
2004 Mercedes-Benz SLK230

Mercedes-Benz SLK320
2001 Mercedes-Benz SLK320
2002 Mercedes-Benz SLK320
2003 Mercedes-Benz SLK320
2004 Mercedes-Benz SLK320

Mercedes-Benz C250
2012 Mercedes-Benz C250
2013 Mercedes-Benz C250
2014 Mercedes-Benz C250
2015 Mercedes-Benz C250

Mercedes-Benz GLK350
2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK350
2011 Mercedes-Benz GLK350
2012 Mercedes-Benz GLK350

Mercedes-Benz C350
2008 Mercedes-Benz C350
2009 Mercedes-Benz C350
2010 Mercedes-Benz C350
2011 Mercedes-Benz C350
2012 Mercedes-Benz C350
2013 Mercedes-Benz C350
2014 Mercedes-Benz C350
2015 Mercedes-Benz C350


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steven huynh stlouis says:

Thanks for the video
Did it myself today july 19th 2021
Saved me 200$

Mazen Kanso says:

Thanks for the video, the error disappeared once I changed the Voltage Converter Module, but on the screen the ECO light does not show up anymore and it does not start/stop even though the switch for ECO in the center console is on and lit green. Does it need some kind of hard reset. Thanks again

Slava Zayarny says:

FCP Euro, thanks for putting out valuable content like this. Please comment on:
1) The need and the tool to update the front SAM with that fact that battery was changed. Factory service manual seems to require it.
2) Your suggested approach to preserve memory settings such as radio stations, clock, etc.

thegood lifegrind says:

Great video! Instructed very well.

adil jsn says:

Hi dear ..i purchased c300 from usa …eco options is not working eco auto on & off ..what the solution ..kindly advise

Mzee says:

My W211 the main battery is in the trunk & I prefer to use the Bosch batteries on my MB

Daniel B-C says:

I got a question how do you organize it because I wanna build a Basically any Gera motors parts fun the early 2 thousands that's my dream in my life What should I do

Daniel B-C says:

I am not much of a German car person but I do like similar early 2 thousands Mercedes but I just wish there's a company that makes car parts for Cadillac the CTS D TSF TS

Lion H X says:

haha good old w205 my first car after graduating from college, hunk of shit made in alabama

George Reyes says:

I thought all these new Benz models needed a battery registration to the front SAM (N10/6) like BMW now? Great video!

Baud ToTheBone says:

Odyssey makes a fantastic battery. I have one in my Benz and it has lasted 10 years so far. Make sure it is always completely charged. Keep it on a trickle charger (noco genius is good) if you store your car over the winter.

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