Mercedes Benz make the biggest BLUNDER in company history

Mercedes Benz make the biggest BLUNDER in company history

Mercedes Benz make the biggest BLUNDER in company history

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Rambler Andy says:

Whilst all media can be a little alarmist, including in China – witness several staged Tesla incidents in the past, I am also aware that auto companies, certainly of German origin can exhibit an attitude of denial. There's nothing wrong with the car, they'll say. But faults do crop up on occasion, and sometimes they are actual design faults. Probably the worst incidence of design fault denial that I can remember is from BMW in South Korea. It was to do with the fuel supply within the engine compartment [yes, this is an ICE vehicle situation, I'm just illustrating the attitude here]. And btw, this is only 3-4 years back – a seal could leak fuel onto the hot exhaust manifold resulting in abrupt fires starting and people having to abandon the vehicle. This became surprisingly common with owners reporting fires, but BMW denied responsibility. It was not until the South Korean govt banned sales of new BMWs that they took the matter seriously, re-called hundreds of thousands of cars and apologised. And that took a long time after the first cases.

Shamsiddin Khusniddinov says:

Hi. Do you have any information about the BMW vehicle's problems solving? Is it clear now or do they still have an issue with the fire of the battery?

Glenn R says:

Why is every one of your videos about all of the car companies making terrible unbelievable mistakes developing EVs?

17 76 says:

F all the Dealerships

Frank Alexander says:

Wow!!! 100,000 subscribers!!

Larry Hatch says:

Someone has coined the phrase "Tuscaloser" for this overpriced crap. How about "Has-Benz"?

Larry Hatch says:

EQS 450 is $104,000 and gets just 325 (likely 300) miles of range with a 0-60 of 5.9 seconds. Did someone say dinosaur? Is that pretty large screen gonna to make this a must buy? I think not. They admit to 11.25 hours AC charging so no late nights out with the lads or ladies and getting up at 0800 for work is out of the question.

Larry Hatch says:

EQS = Elon Quietly Snickers

Igor Cok says:

The Biggest Mistake Mercedes ever made was the early 2000 model- the cheap C230 htchback

Matt G says:

All Mercedes EVs are hideous as well. A Tesla or a Lucid are much more attractive and have better engines.

P G says:

A bit of a contrarian viewpoint: I am not sure I would bet on the Chinese car market in the immediate future…. as politically, China is going 'backwards' as it is more and more authoritarian (Xi is president for life ??? ) and by extension, its economy will be even less market driven.

Stuart Kidney says:

EV's don't work; inflation will make EV's cost prohibitive. Mercedes, keep makin' gas and diesel and ignore what others are doing!

Markus Garcia says:

Mercedes and bmw are woke companies….

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