Mercedes-Benz | How To – Install CarPlay For Audio 20

Mercedes-Benz | How To – Install CarPlay For Audio 20

How to install CarPlay for audio 20 NTG 4.5 head unit. This is a Mercedes-Benz W212 E-Class 2012 but a lot of other MB models use the same system. You could also get other CarPlay decoders for Audio 20 or command head units.

So far after using this system for about a week now, and are really pleased with the interface and how smooth everything run. The original system is still fully usable when ever you like to use it. Is also integrated with the original buttons, you could ask Siri from your steering wheel button for directions or send a text or other things.

This also works with android auto wired connection with usb cord and have a lot of other functions as HDMI, front and rear camera, airplay for iPhone, AutoLink for android. Check the buy link below for all functions and specifications.

Ask me in the comment section if you have any questions and I try to help you out the best I can for your install.

Buy Links!
💰 CarPlay 4.5 4.7 –
💰 Plastic tools –
💰 Pulling hooks –



orfanuboschet says:

Hej, jag har en CLS från 2013, vill du vara med och montera ett sånt system på den och samtidigt filma en video till din kanal? Du kan filma flera videos om du vill.


Adrian K. says:

Nächstes mal lass einfach Musik oder so laufen. Das Video wäre gut gewesen wenn nicht die ganze Zeit deine Aufstoß Geräusche zu hören wären.

Adam Hedges says:

$300? I have a W169 A class with the Audio 20 and I think I'm just better off replacing the whole head unit with an Android 10 system that looks like it's OEM? If this was a cheaper option I'd understand but I can't see why I'd use this?

William Schleicher says:

Great video but the white captions are hard to read. Maybe try yellow or orange?

Tin Semnicki says:

Is there a version for the NTG4? Its pretty similar to the 4.5, would it work if I installed this one on the 4?

Îmad Mehek says:

دست خوش

Stephen Swearingen says:

Do you have a kit for a W204 (2009 Mercedes C350 with flip up screen / navigation?

Lwandle Gxaka says:

I would like to know if this is possible for the W 204 I am from South Africa I don’t know where to get the package for Android

Vefa ÇEBİOĞLU says:

Hello! Friend. seat air compressor not working. can you show this

DaViD. SSS says:

Does it fit on 2010 e350

alaa alley says:

Installation looks so easy on YouTube (only)

peter bratu says:

I tried it too, for my R172. Although the screen size is different, the aspect ratio is the same, and I had the same problem as you. The image is vertically stretched, because these screens are 5:3 and the box outputs a different aspect ratio. Did you notice it? I emailed the seller, but unfortunately I did not get an answer.

Andy Benz says:

Is this a E63 or CLS 63 ?

XD says:

Hi, how does it works with parking sensors and cameras? Does it enables its automatically by itself or you have to switch it on manually? Thanks

Awan Khattar says:

Did you DIY the pulling hooks?

Kartell says:

Was kostet es?!

Vincent Ioia says:

Hi MB212. I just purchased one of these units. I have a 2011 e350 cabriolet. The dash looks a little different than the 212 coupe/sedan you filmed. Do you have a film that shows how to remove the head unit from the cabriolet? Appreciate your response. Thanks.

Emanuele Dalberto says:

Hello, I can ask if you have the password for the software, thanks

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