Mercedes Benz Fob Repair – Turns on Vehicle but all buttons do not work

Mercedes Benz Fob Repair – Turns on Vehicle but all buttons do not work

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Claudius Biscette says:

Hi i am from the caribbean St.Marten,my key is not working can i send it to you

downesg says:

4:34: That is a round surface mount test point. That doesn't do anything other than allow you to access a probe point for a net on the other side of that via.

Florin Fagadaru says:

All those circular pads are for ICT ( In Circuit Test) at the factory, so doesn`t matter if they are all broken, the key should function anyway!

Randy says:

no joke, your job seems to be very rewarding at times.

I need a job like this… maybe I should step up my electronics repair game

nilo cosme tech ph. says:

watching sir

Boon Wongbar says:

Awesome video! What is that device you use to capture IR?

Twine kids says:

I see you enjoy every time when you make something. Magnificent. Greetings from Belgium

Akash Singh says:

I wish you were in india kolkata.

Chester Ayala says:

11:39 that smug you make when you fixed it.

alphabeets says:

You might try a thermal wire stripper. Maybe even add them to your product list. Great devices.

alphabeets says:

You can shine a light through the board the see the traces on the other side. Try it!

Miguel Pineda says:

Man you are the best

sony Sony says:

use a high light at back of board to understand the location

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