Mercedes-Benz E350 Engine Air Filter Replacement DIY (2010-2016 Mercedes W204, W207, W212 Chassis)

Mercedes-Benz E350 Engine Air Filter Replacement DIY (2010-2016 Mercedes W204, W207, W212 Chassis)

►Replacing a Mercedes engine air filter isn’t a complicated task, and is something that anyone can complete at home with minimal tools. This video covers the process on cars equipped with Mercedes’ M276 V6 engine, more specifically the W204, W207, and W212 chassis.

A dirty and clogged engine air filter is a detriment to your car, causing it to not run optimally. At its extreme, you could see reduced performance and higher fuel consumption. Because of this, it’s recommended that you replace your engine air filter every two years or 20,000 miles.

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00:00 – Mercedes W207 Engine Air Filter – Intro
00:44 – Mercedes W207 Engine Air Filter – Tools Needed
01:02 – Mercedes W207 Engine Air Filter – Job Start
01:33 – Mercedes W207 Engine Air Filter – Airbox Removal
02:00 – Mercedes W207 Engine Air Filter – Filter Removal
02:32 – Mercedes W207 Engine Air Filter – New Filter Install
03:16 – Mercedes W207 Engine Air Filter – Airbox Install
04:00 – Mercedes W207 Engine Air Filter – Wrap-Up


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@DrMemeStudios says:

Any change you have a part number for the screws? I’m missing one

@CF-ng8ft says:

that filter is clean af, thank you for naming the fastener styles.

@josecabrera3361 says:

Good job thanks for sharing , very helpful info.

@stephenparks5428 says:

Thanks for the video,appreciate it!

@dougantelman2369 says:

That filter was clean

@phigo4kins says:

Hello, Can you Please speak on the PZEV Air Intake Box Itself? I'm looking at a Replacement Air Cleaner Box For My 2014 C350 But the Yard Close to Me have a 2013 C300 Same 3.5L Engine. But they're telling Me that the PZEV Air Cleaner Box is Different from a Non-PZEV. Please what is the Difference? Is it a Structural Difference that Makes them Different where you can't make them Work?

Also Problem is I don't know what If I Have the PZEV Or Not. How can I know?

@mrbeaufort says:

good method, much easier than unclamping at the intake, thanks for the demo

@kelolo26 says:

Thank you so very much

@beverlytrollinger7154 says:

Thank you!!!!
I am a 74 year old women and was able to change my air filter because your instructions made it so clear and easy!!!
You saved me $135!!!

@AbrahamYunis says:

The part all the way in the upper left side (Cabin Filter Housing), what’s the plastic cover piece part # by chance? No one has been able to help locally. My car is also A207 body type (2011 Convertible e350) thank you!

@antonioelkhoury3361 says:

Can you make a video on how to install a cold air intake on this model please?

@deez6686 says:

Can u do a video how to remove crankshafts pulley on 2016 Mercedes-Benz e350 4 matic sadan

@johnritz2567 says:

What about the 2nd filter? There is 2 there.

@wafaalmasri2891 says:

Today I changed the filter on my MB.. thank you!

@davik0774 says:

Always satisfying watch professional master work, thanks a lot, super understandable))

@ACohen says:

Is this video also for my 2012 E350 Sedan?

@stevegolub4925 says:

Loved how you didn’t have to remove that special clamp because I don’t have that tool. You were able to just lift up the rear end of the filter box!

@UhhhhhnooOOo00oO says:

What can I do if one of the most well known Mercedes dealerships broke the snorkle plastic clip on my car? Is it absolutely necessary to have a continuing tube to the front? Does the snorkle run to the radiator or is the plastic oval/elliptical shaped end piece nor important to be 100% attached near the front bumper?

@AlbertoGomez-ew8hw says:

is the filter for the Mercedez ben E350 2016 in the same place of the 2014?

@caleb6270 says:

Hi, I do my own maintenence for 2013 c300 sport matic, changed the filter, spark plugs, oil changed, but the engine hesitates, do you have any suggestions of what to look for?

@sheungwong3116 says:

The car used in your show case was not a C300 or W166. It was a E350 Coupe FL (C207). Your tilte's wordings make me confusing.

@user-dd9qh5vu3u says:

잘보았습니다 좋은하루되세요

@charlie225 says:

Thanks guys, I enjoy ur videos, especially the volvo ones!

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