How to replace Mercedes Benz E350 wiper blades

How to replace Mercedes Benz E350 wiper blades

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Omar Palacios says:

This 2022 viewer sends his many thanks!

Second Lyf254 says:

Short and on point,i like your video

Sajan George says:

I feel the wiper blade shown in this video is perfect

Sajan George says:

Can anyone please give me the wiper blade part number for Mercedes Benz E250 2014 model sedan??
Sajan George (+919447006387-whatsapp)

jack Pha says:

do you have a video on how to replace windshield wiper motor on w211 (2009) just for the labor i paid the shop 170$ and thats without replacement..

Smeado says:

Worked for my 2007. Thanks!

Mussa Was says:

Wow!!!! Super easy thanks for sharing the video:)

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