How to Replace Battery in Mercedes-Benz C300 W205 and E300 W213

How to Replace Battery in Mercedes-Benz C300 W205  and E300 W213

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How to Replace Battery in Mercedes-Benz C300 W205 and E300 W213 step-by-step instructions
In this video I show how to replace battery in Mercedes-Benz C-class C300. This quick and easy instructions for changing battery applies to other Mercedes-Benz vehicles such as E300, etc.
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Step-by-step Instructions for How to Replace Battery in Mercedes-Benz C-class C300 W205 and E300 W213
Lift battery cover
Remove Cabin Air Filter by lifting and pulling cover
If you would like to save settings you will need to use OBD2 Memory Saver
You don’t have to use Memory Saver if you don’t care about settings
You will need to connect Memory Saver to other car cigarette lighter or external car battery
Connect to other vehicle cigarette lighter, battery or external 12v battery
Connect Memory Saver to ODB2 port
Using 10mm wrench/socket detach Negative terminal first!
Remove positive terminal cover
disconnect positive terminal
Remove battery hold-down with T-45
Disconnect battery vent hose
Carefully remove battery
Install new battery
Reinstall battery hold-down
Positive terminal should be connected first!
Connect negative terminal
Disconnect Memory Saver from ODB2 port
Reinstall positive terminal cover
Attach negative terminal
Connect battery vent hose
Reinstall air filter
Reinstall cover

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Tim Smith says:

It’s like there’s no vid on YouTube on how to lift the backseat when the battery is located there! Smfh

joaquin bernardino says:

Hey love the video ! Quick question ! So I’m looking into installing a light up Star. In doing so I have to disconnect my battery. Do I need a memory saver ? Or can I just disconnect it with no worries ? My fear is that I will lose memory coding or have any issues ? Thanks anything will help I have a 2017 c300 w205

Atlantic Picture says:

My W205 2015's batt cover lid is different. It has 6 little tabs that you have to turn and a large plastic tab that goes down nxt to the batt port.
Good thing it's not over engineered. 🙂

Radovan Bihary says:

I need a help. Week ago my car show "stop car and leave engine running". So I changed main battery (by myself). Since then car shows "BATTERY NOT CHARGED" or "CHARGE BATTERY". The new battery is the same as old one, fully charged. Where is the problem???

Chen Loren says:

Thanks for the information! One question if I decided to do without the memory saver, once I reconnect the battery do I have to go to the workshop to have them reset the system? Or is it something I can reset it myself? I have a 2018 e class coupe. Thanks!

Oleg Lytovchenko says:

Where did you get battery ?

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