How to repair this Mercedes Benz Seat cover – Auto Upholstery

How to repair this Mercedes Benz Seat cover – Auto Upholstery

If you wanna learn upholstery on this channel you will find a lot of content that WIL HELP YOU TO LEARN

How to repair this Mercedes Benz Seat cover – Auto Upholstery

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THE PURPOSE OF THIS CHANNEL IS NOT TO HIRING OR LOOK FOR EMPLOYEES It is only to give you an idea of how classic cars’ Interior is made or can be made and how can you repair regulars seats Reupholster headline Install a convertible top Etc.

EL PROPOSITO DE ESTE CANAL NO ES PARA CONTRATAR O BUSCAR EMPLEADOS es solamente para darles una idea de como los interiores de los carros clasicos estan hechos o como los puedes hacer y como puedes reparar los acintos, retapizasr los techos de los carros tambien como puedes instalar las capotas de los convertible

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not2late2game says:

You're a good student of the English language – heard you correcting yourself πŸ™‚

not2late2game says:

You do an excellent job explaining things… in detail. πŸ™‚

not2late2game says:

I have never done any of this type of work , but you inspire… and I'm starting to look at small items to redo. πŸ™‚

Tim West says:

I love it you make me want to do this kind of work thank you my friend God bless

TAZ says:

Super Nice Job!!

Kenny Velez says:

I've got a idea/suggestion for a video that I think you'd like, DM me please so we can go over it,

l. dean says:

You do great work! You make it look easy. You have a lot of skill!

The Mob Seat says:

Thanks for the master class! Great work!

corvettekiller96 says:

As usual you kick a job in the teeth friend! You were my rock when I was learning and now I continue to watch because they're just great videos! You're inspiring keep being you man!!

hady rome says:

If you don’t turn on the ignition while the Airbag is disconnected, the light will stay off! I do these seats all the time for car dealerships. Never had one turn on.

damnwereinatightspot says:

This guy is growing on me. I feel like I should ship my car to this guy to fix my seat

lee burke says:

thank you for your information..

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