how to remove repair reinstall mercedes w204 w212 w207 x204 ac vent tab D.I.Y common fault

how to remove repair reinstall mercedes w204 w212 w207 x204 ac vent tab D.I.Y common fault

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In this video I show how to remove repair disassemble ad reinstall the ac air vent
This a very involved task
Especially for the driver side vent
You must remove the instrument cluster surrounding bezel before you can remove the driver side air vent
All other air vents are removed as shown in the video

Passenger side vent is simply pryed out and pulled out
as for the centre vent u need a ‘L’ shaped pick tool so u can insert it into the allocated slots behind the rubber grommets and pull so the vent will pop out

once removed all air vents will be somewhat thesame in order to repair the tab , replace the louvres or even the front face plate

pay attention to how he vents are originally assembled , not to install therm wrong and cause them to work differently , or not swipe smoothly

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Young Miles says:

I broke the 2 from the rear AC center console and it just break the outside thing the black thing inside that conectes inside is ok

yawei ling says:

excellent video, needed this , mine is broken

Keenan Kerr says:

holy crap that's how you do it i honestly thought u can just pull it out or something , alot of effort for such a small piece, damn mercedes why so hard

michael leroy says:

great to see other content mike

Rafa & Sharleen says:

Hey long time not seeing you. I have to do that to my w204!

Yvette Warren says:

Which ones are for a 2005 Mercedes Benz c class? From United States

Sparky says:

I've been waiting for this for much longer than you know. Damn things always break. Great video as always Mikey.

Paul-Emmanuel XUEREF says:

love from France 🙂

Yusuf Petersen says:

dude mine broke too fixed it with some glue…the passenger sides one. Pulling a Doug Dumuro talking in the rain like that.

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