Full restoration 40-year-old old Mercedes supercar | Restore and rebuild cars

Full restoration 40-year-old old Mercedes supercar | Restore and rebuild cars

Full restoration 40-year-old old Mercedes supercar | Restore and rebuild cars
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Restoration T - D says:

How do you guys see my car after the restoration, is it amazing, please leave your comments

Sergei Ost says:

feik очень в хорошем состоянии салон кожа пол стекла выбили мусора накидали кузов чемто намазали

Greshnik LeV says:

Ебать у него ногти

mare.63 says:

Ovo je sve samo ne restauracija…lom

Cheungkinmen says:

You gave this merc a second chance at life, haha, nice work!

안산시두목곰ᄏ says:

아니면 손모가지 조심해라 ㅋ 어디서든 걸리면 잘릴거 같은데 잘 가지고 잇어

안산시두목곰ᄏ says:

와서 나랑 사업하쟈 ㅋ 너 자동차 복원계의 신으로 만들어줄게

안산시두목곰ᄏ says:

ㅋ 이새끼 한국으로 오면 넌 이건희랑 놀 사이즈다야 ㅋ 종나 열심히 사네 ㅋ

ZFire80 says:

master of restoration

Kadir Eser says:

Hatasız boyasız

Peter Puke says:

This restoration is faker than that miraculously good condition android stereo in a car that looked like it was submerged in a lake, also the interior was in very good shape for being ¨abandoned¨ for seemingly a long time, and come on, you spent like 10 minutes of the video restoring that door and most of the time disassembling it and testing it without the minimum explanation of how it was mechanically or anything else whatsoever, what is more disturbing is why you pretend that you are doing a colosal restoration and messing around with a destroyed car just to make a video? I bet that you´re either a scrap metal dealer or a car mechanic that savages some working parts from ruined cars to fix other cars in working condition like you probably did on this video.

The worst part is that a lot of people watches this bs without thinking about the inconsistencies of the job and even like and support them so these liars take advantage of the YouTube´s algorithm and get to more dumb people, never believe this crap, real restorations like this one can take several months and these kind of channels drops new videos weekly, you don´t have to be Sherlock Holmes to see the problem here.

brave chidawu says:

So amazing …yu did a great job

Morena Torres says:


Talas Kurbanaliev says:

молодец экенсин братишка келтирип ондоп алдын а

slimen fliss says:

les feux ne marchent pas clignotants, code phare, marche arrière, veilleuse.

Spook666 says:

You did well, especially with the limited resources. The only question mark is regarding the paint finish; it looks a bit flat on the roof and bonnet.

Jo Guard says:

Il conduit comme un malade ce type, ça n'est pas sur le klaxon qu'il faut appuyer mais c'est sur le frein !!!

シゲタロウ says:

Sloppy Restoration It's Awful!

EG 0 says:

Fake restoration and how they deal with some work culture with car literally makes me angry. I wish they are already died when i watched this video

shayne mïk says:

the asian videos are all fake you're going to add too much

Lacoste yamaKholo Mswati WamaTsebula says:

The internal parts like dashboard are very ugly

Lacoste yamaKholo Mswati WamaTsebula says:

It's doesn't look like the complete one.

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