Do it yourself leather seat replacement in your Mercedes Benz 560SL

Do it yourself leather seat replacement in your Mercedes Benz 560SL

New leather or MB Tex vinyl seats of high quality can be found for about $700. The price can double with upholstery labor. It is easy to do it yourself but it is tedious. View this video if you are considering your own interior makeover.



Anthony Yuen says:

these seat drive me crazy to put back. well done

Hugues Van Dionant says:

Hello autosick, this is a great job. I have read a detailed description from your restoring leather seat job on a 560 SL which was done & described step by step and accompanied with a lot of pictures but unfortunately i can't find it back…. I would appreciate if you could with us on which webforum you posted it. Many thanks for your support

Doug Batson says:

Great video. Where did you purchase the leather seat kit? All I can find are ones with the perforations.

David Lis says:

Nice job, well explained. Where did you buy seat covers?

Peter Xenos says:

I need. For model. 1978sel Blue sky seats Front seats. Is any one give me some information. ??????

michael green says:

Well I have to say you did an amazing job never seen someone work like this before in my whole life you are the best maybe you could do my seats one day on my 560SL

K.J. G. says:

Dude, awesome job. Thank you for posting. I am redoing my w123 seats with leather this really helped me I am going to get some hog ties. Did you only use them around the back of the bottom? Or did you use them where ever the leather was “tucked” into frame?

Sergio B. Barlozzi says:

LOL, wrong colour

Adil Iqbal says:

Fantastic video, you are very handy! I was fascinated how your refinished the wood trim, it looked brand new afterwards! Kindly describe the steps or even a seperate video on that 🙂

Carlos Guerra says:

You are working on wrong way to put this head in. I never cut before put the plastic staff. You have to remove the plastic after install the leather then you go to find the rolls.
the way you do easy do mistake.

yo yo boss says:

hi, where is the fuel relay on the sl 560 1989, my car was running ok then stop on me at the freeway , friend told me could be the relay, thanks

EndofUSA says:

where do you buy those original Mercedes parts?

fw1421 says:

Take pictures while disassembling!

iztheterrible says:

very nice workmanship

sputnik says:

Very nice thank you
What is it when the seat has a bulge in the middle of the seat , but the leather looks great ?

B bo says:

I'm surprised he didn't use glue on the sides just as he found when he removed. The glue helps keep the leather flat there perhaps. One thing I don't like about 1990 on SLs is how crappy the seats look after the years go by. These older Benz car seats age slightly better.

Electronic Fix says:

came out nicely.

MikeDLA says:

Nicely Done!

Boyer Ornelas says:

Awesome tutorial, where can I get just the driver's side seat only, not the back rest, and will it be the same color as the original, or do I have to change the backrest and headrest also? Can you recommend a website to order the part. Also, where can you buy a wooden hammer? Hope these questions aren't too basic. Thanks for the help

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