New Mazda Android Auto Car Play Install Part 2

New Mazda Android Auto Car Play Install Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Android Auto/ Apple Carplay Install.
First watch Part 1 Here:
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Followed the instructions Here:

Here we remove the trim pieces and Install the new AUX Hub and Cables.

This part is fairly simple and just takes time over anything.
Again do this mod at your own risk.

Tools needed for this part of the install:
Trim Removal Kit:
10mm socket: In Kit Below
socket wrench:
socket extension at least 8″:

Bought two parts from an online mazda dealership.
Updated USB Cables: C922-V6-605
Aux Hub Unit: TK78-66-9U0C


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Music by Joakim Karud

If you have any questions ask them below!



Santo Carini says:

would i still be able to do this with my 2016 scion ia?

Shubs says:

does it require sd card for the navigation??

J Chana says:

Thank you so much for saving me $300 from the dealership! Really appreciate it!

mark arnold says:

I just plugged my phone into the usb port. Works perfect.

Miggy Spain says:

Is this just for Android auto or does does it work for Apple car play as well?

Iris Jonatan says:

hey bro, got question. i was changed my car batt without jumped it to secondary battery. now my head unit came off. sometime it shows mazda's logo < by this time, i can use my reverse cam on screen. but after a white my head unit went off. do you have any idea what is happened with my car? thanks in advance!

Kevin Hoang says:

Thanks for the video tutorial. I managed to install it on my Mazda 3 SP25 2014 GT. I skipped using any of the cable ties, I hope it won't impact longevity too much. 6:38 was tricky as it didn't show which cable to connect back. There was a port without a cable connected, on the far right of the CMU/infotainment end. I plugged what could fit and tested it and it worked, so I guess all good?

Juan Islas says:

After successfully installing newest version of apple car play. My mazda3 2016 no longer reads my SD card. Any ideas why this happened?

JN37 says:

Has anyone successfully did this on a Mazda 2 the car internal layout is different??

Everything Manchester City says:

Hopefully you see this, I needed to know if the dial by the center console worked with this system. This will help tremendously in my decision making

Ben Malka says:

Why need remove the glove box?

Phil Haslett says:

Pettus you are the king! Did this for my 2017 Mazda6 Touring, worked great. Had to figure out some of the trim since it's different but was all good. Anyone can shoot me a note if they have issues with a 17 Mazda6

M3no0osh says:

thank you I’ll just pay someone to do it for me

Juan Lopez says:

Hey Greg! I installed this today and it worked like a charm. I however am having issues with my mazda connect navigation. The system will not recognize the SD card. Have you heard of any fixes for this? Thank you in advance!

Cameron Grey Warner says:

Could a dealer install the updates needed? I don’t wanna risk screwing something on the update up because I saw another guy bricked his infotainment cuz he screwed ur up

Rangel Evelyn says:

Should I install any software? And if so, which? If you have knowledge, I appreciate that you let me know, thanks a lot.

Byron Sarchet says:

Helpful video, but I still have questions. My infotainment system has failed. Dealer says $1200 to replace it, which seems ridiculous. So while this video is helpful, I'm not trying to add a feature, I'm trying to replace the screen and receiver with an off the shelf radio. What will fit?

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