Mazda rx8 header install | How to install Rx8 Headers

Mazda rx8 header install  | How to install Rx8 Headers

A step-by-step video on how to install MANZO headers on your Mazda rx8.

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J. M. says:

Is that sealing paste oxygen sensor safe?

Wrong Garage says:

Are you Jewish?

Kamran Khan says:

Where is your location i wana bring my mazda rx 8 for replacment of exhaust manifold

Chriss B says:

the links doesn't work unfortunately m8

Cholonwa says:

You should have reused your original gasket as the aftermarket 1 is garbage and eventually will blow out but worst of all you can even see in the video it is not the same shape as the exhaust ports I had the same issue once i realized this i put the OEM 1 back on i promises you go change your gasket back and the power will go up

V E says:

Sounds the same to me. Think I'll save my money lol

ya boi smeernoff says:

I have a 1st gen rx8, if I go above 6000rpm I get a power increase, but i feel a "bumb" when i do it. Do you know what the problem is?

Michael says:

At 5:20 I see a hose with a red sleeve. What is this hose and where does it go? On my rx8 theirs just the nipple and it sucks air very loudly.

Rado H. says:

Hi. How are you satisfied with the Manzo manifold after 8 months ? What about quality ? Do you recomend it or stay with the OEM ? Thx

Felix Wankel says:

Not a fan of the outlet only being 2.75 inches. Should be 3

lenny plummer says:

Are they the same for series 2?


Is that Mazda a v6 or a v4


When is the engine mounts video coming?


How can I get one like that

Joseph Bassil says:

I have to ask wouldn’t stainless steal crack due to the heat of the engine? I know that the oem is stainless steal.

TrinomCZ says:

Yet another shop, where they hail the god of Ugga dugga. The wheel is torqued for a reason…

David Molin says:

Great to see you be back! Been missing your videos

Vee says:

Glad to see you and your car back on the channel again! Do you have any thoughts on hybrid 6 port exhaust manifolds?

damianlody says:

What's the benefits of removing the air pump ?


Hi i know its off topic by i got to ask if anyone has expirience whit an rx8 engine code P2096.

mazda man 09 says:

Any change in power?

Matthew Hicks says:

Hey man, I've just bought some 'Autosol' for my headlights. As you'll appreciate they tend to fog externally after a few years. I'd seen a few reviews that suggested applying some Autosol and leaving it for a while to then buff out does an amazing trick – I was thinking of wet sanding them down at various grades…. Have you got any input here from your experience?

david husband says:

In Australia we like your videos

fil says:

Si ma la benda sul collettore? Dai

Stutz Edward says:

What improvements did u get?

mikeferrell says:

My understanding is that headers do not provide much benefit at all, as most rx-8 bolt ons. Mazda did a decent job of maximizing hp gains on the renesis.

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