Mazda 3 Window vent shades and Roof Spoiler added to 2019 GT Sorta DIY install

Mazda 3 Window vent shades and Roof Spoiler added to 2019 GT Sorta DIY install

Just a quick look at installing the factory Mazda window Vent shades and the Roof Spoiler. Just kinda pieced the video together of the 2 additions after bunch people asked for little more info on these parts. Both are factory Mazda parts from the dealer. Vent shades are super easy to put on. The roof Spoiler is tuff if you never have removed a major body panel from a car.



CJ Aslarona says:

i love the spoiler, the only thing left is a plate relocator for your Mazda’s wife

curt Crosby says:

Where did you purchase the vent shades? I have a 2018 3 Sedan

Maxwell Williams says:

I really like the 2019+ Mazda 3 models, I have a 2012 Mazda 3 and want to upgrade and do some mods to it and the only thing I didn't like about them is the back end drops off and I've always thought it needed a bigger spoiler and this confirms my hunch, it looks so much better

Dusty Beckett says:

Jason did you have locktite on the factory bolts?

SummerBRZ says:

You might be able to get them cheaper, but why not try to build rapport w/your dealer (parts dept). Plus some dealers let you get discounts through their website or if you bought from them, a customer (loyalty) discount. YMMV. My Subaru dealer sends out 10% off coupons periodically on/for parts/services. Your dealer might send those out if you are on their (e)mailing list

Nick E says:

I want to install this on my 2019 hatch as well. Product installment says it requires an air deflector which is item # B0L6-V4-990. Is that true?

Jonathan Quach says:

I swear! Everything you are doing to this car is what I am in the process of doing to my car! It is almost like we think totally alike!!! This is my DD and my Weekend car is a MKIV Supra! Are you my Brother from another Mother!?!?

Max Evans says:

I drive the exact same car just the turbo model, love the work man

Luca Gerlero says:

hello, I follow you from Italy, and I watch all your videos regarding the Mazda 3. Unfortunately, there are no videos of body kit installations on the Internet, would you be able to make a complete installation video of the entire body kit?

Jorge Luis says:

which is the distributor where you bought the accessories, could you tell me please

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