Mazda 3 Smash Left Rear Door Damage | Paintless Dent Repair

Mazda 3 Smash Left Rear Door Damage  | Paintless Dent Repair

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Bobby Zee here !! Damn guys you nailed it with this repair… outstanding Chris & Dave .. See you guys at MTE

JON Gergeceff says:

great lesson

Caner Orhan says:

How much does it cost a job like that?

PR2U says:

Hi all,

You’re work is fantastic,
Can you use a single fluorescent light for this type of work?

Wait to hear back from you.


Tempest C says:

How much was this repair? My car is in the same position & I'm not sure if I should get a whole new panel or pay someone to hit out my dent… hmmm….


The amount of labor this must have costed… Wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy a replacement door panel?

sagemodenaruto07 says:

This is BS!

Daniel smith says:

I wish I could do repairs like this and actually make money. In Australia an auto body shop will do that job for $700 And it will take something like 8-10 hours I would imagine to get that perfect including R&I. So losing money in the long run.

Dave Dave says:

What does a repair like this cost to have done ?

mamed vaifov says:

Curious what was the reason to do PDR on it. If it was repaired and painted why not just do it again?!

Aristides Castillo says:

Supper job as always

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