Mazda 3 REAR SWAY BAR Install | YOU Need This Mod!

Mazda 3 REAR SWAY BAR Install | YOU Need This Mod!

The Mazda 3 platform lacks rear support with the independent suspension setup, and while the front is always stiff from the block, the rear is left hanging dragging around corners causing body roll. I’ve been waiting to put this bar in for awhile, and it’s super worth it!

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Kioop says:

Exhaust sound? What have you done

Brandan Fiederlein says:

Hey when you jacked up the rear where did you place the jack?

joshua james says:

Another awesome video bro! I’m doing the front and rear sway bars in Mazda 3 ( whiteline high performance ) and this helped heeeepppss !!
Much love your Aussie bro!

Aj Vasquez says:

Would it work for Mazda 3 hatch?

Cole T says:

Dude are you in Langley BC??

Opinionated_one says:

Nice for the advice, my back end was seriously getting on my you know what..
I noticed these Mazda, have an untrusted back end anyway, can flip out, so must try this if I keep my 3 any longer.. Bless

Zax Lorax says:

What the actual heck, lol. I had some parts in my rear suspension changed because they were too old, and I've felt the rear swaying over bumps ever since. I thought the mechanic was at fault, but it seems like it's just how this suspension setup works.

David Winsemius says:

Upvote: This is exactly like my 2008 MS3 that I did this afternoon. Didn't need a breaker bar on anything. Just a palm-heel strike or two. And this was despite 5 years of Connecticut winters. Not true that "everything is 14". The end link nuts were 17 mm. You should have lifted by the lower control arms. Otherwise the sway bar hits the suspension and cannot be fitted in properly.

JUICE says:

Good job. now do the front sway bar…

RonyHyper says:

Where can I get the exact same sway bar?

Cory Ransdell says:

What type of coil overs do you run and are they better than the stock coil over shock set up..?? Thank you…

Bob Soft says:

So who is the local fella to get this sway bar from? Is he located in the lower mainland?

Al says:

Cool video, just want to note that you can’t use your phone to measure angle while you are cornering because it uses an accelerometer to detect angle. The lateral G forces will throw off the measurement.

Johnny G says:

Man, what a great video. Dude I've been Dying to Change the front Swaybar bushings, any advice? I heard there's a way without removing the whole subframe/Crossmember. :[ Too much clunk

Shane Nilsson says:

I know I need to but jeez I'm worried about inspecting under my Mazda, I need to get some jack stands so I can do it safely at my place, I've got a feeling the way I plan to drive I should do this also, but as mentioned earlier I really need to figure out how they've messed with the exhaust system.


Find some stainless collars as the ones from JBR rust. Mine are nastly after 2 years. Mind you, mine where black oxide, the ones you have there, what material are they?

Jasper says:

I want to start a yt ab my mazda 3 but youve done so many videos on it i feel like i would just be copying :'( but good shit with the content bro helps out a ton

Jj Fatts says:

Where'd you get the red for the door cards?

King Solar says:


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