Mazda 3 Possessed Infotainment System/Ghost Touch FIX

Mazda 3 Possessed Infotainment System/Ghost Touch FIX

This video explains the common issue of ghost touch that affects the infotainment system on many Mazda 3 vehicles and shows step-by-step instructions on how to fix it for free.



Shannon Schmidt says:

Thanks for the post. Tried this on my 2017 CX-5. Was able to do it, but not without a couple of adjustments. In the 2017 CX-5 there is a small plastic piece blocking access to the “ribbon” you have to disconnect. Since it was either make this work or give $800 dollars to dealership for a new unit, we decided to cut off that plastic piece with a dremel tool. Success!! There were also a couple of additional bolts to remove, but those were no big deal. Couldn’t have done it without this video!

Aranyi Csaba says:

It is not ok to disable the touchscreen. Mine has the same issue. After contacting the dealer, they told me that my VIN is not qualified for replacement. So I would rather insist on Mazda to include in the recall program all VINs having this issue. More we are, more chances we have to convince Mazda to fix the issue. My model is from 2016.

Guy Tsarchian says:

Bro I have the same issue but with my 2013 Mazda 3.. any idea on how to solve it there?

Nick Phillips says:

Is this the same with the 2017?

J B says:

Thank you very much, my console on my mazda 3 was driving me nuts. It would click over 60x per min. It was unusable, works perfect now. Was struggling with this for about 1 year.

alex bonetti says:

worked perfectly on my Mazda 6…easy to do…Tks

Royneal rayess says:

thanks a lot, I was wondering how to fix this issue without jacking up my car lol, my infotainment screen cracked along with the front windshield glass while parked in Vermont during a snowstorm. this happened after owning the car for 7 years, just as a reference for other people.

Jay Queen says:

the ribbon is the white or red one?

Tim C says:

Wow!! This worked perfectly and took about 15 minutes. Thank you so much for the video. You demonstrated everything perfectly.

Barbara B says:

Mazda 3 from 2014 to 2016. This issue is covered under a recall/warranty extension with Mazda . Call a Mazda dealership and they will replace the screen. Have your vin number handy and they will check it over the phone. I had mine done today. Took 2 hours and they updated the entire system.

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