Mazda 3 LED Headlight Install!

Mazda 3 LED Headlight Install!

The first mod that should be done, is helping you with visibility. While increasing the positive looks on your car, this is the most budget friendly and useful mod that you can do on your Mazda 3’s, or any car in that matter!

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phuong huynh says:

If my Mazda uses h11, do I use h11 replacement or h7?

shadoe1l0 says:

Good Mazda 3 content.

Luke Laverty-Meloni says:

Have the best day bro you fucking rock

AdamOnRoute says:

Peep the FritoLay plastic reusable box lol.

GigaChad says:

what brand are these lights

Objective 704 says:

A good sanding and polish for the headlights will definitely help with the brightness.

Devo says:

Link to the one you ordered ?

Abraham says:

Just recently got a 05 Mazda 3 on my hands, just like yours. So what I’m gathering from this video is I don’t need to replace the entire headlight component. I can just simply replace the halogen bulb with an h7 led bulb and it will work?

PilotPuffmen says:

Could've just filmed them on at night…

Yero says:

i have mazda 3 bk 2.0 2008 in what position do i need to place the led h7's

Tech Defender says:

Few questions…the spacer you can just slip on? I saw another video and the guy took off the metal piece then slipped the spacer on.

You can use any H7 correct? Even if it says it doesn't fit?

Lastly is that groment necessary? Like do I have to put it back on? Don't really want to cut it.

Crazy Me says:

Why didn't you use the spacer from the old bulb. It pulls apart.

Andres Chavez says:

All good but the link for the LED spacers… still waiting on it X D

Tristan Rhodes says:

What bulb did you use I got an h7 and it was too big for the hole in the headlight

smyrnianlink says:

Is that spacer a mazda 3 specific part
or is it h7- specific
or LED specific?
Which two things does it bridge?

Calstri says:

Were the previous headlights you recommended for the OG 2.0 better plug and play or more difficult? This seems rough, but the old video did too so rip

ZooMBii says:

Hi Colton. Long time viewer. Was just wondering what would be your best suggestion be for headlight bulb for mt 2010 mazda3 hatchback. Ive seen so many different types but not sure which is best or appropriate size.

170730350 says:

1. Won't the led's heat sink melt the rubber gasket thingy?
2. Steam cleaning the engine – is there a possibility that it could somehow damage the led or maybe have some steam going into the headlight assembly?

EL SACHI says:

Projectors work better with HID. especially on mazda 3, LEDS are better for reflectors.

Corey Hines says:

link for the spacer?
also, i have an ‘07, will i need spacers for the high beams & fogs?

Dennis says:

I find this dude so jokes, regular mazda3's are so not off road vehicles, on the contrary lmaoo!

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