How to repair a Mazda MX5 Rear Arch and Sill Section

How to repair a Mazda MX5 Rear Arch and Sill Section

In this video we show how to repair a wheel arch and sill section on a Mazda MX5/ Miata.

This shows the steps required to remove, treat and replace the sill and wheel arch section on the MK2 Mx5. check out our other videos in our Mx5 playlist showing paint prep, painting and flat and polishing to get that deep shine.

More how-to videos on their way!

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paul joel says:

Is it a gasless mig welder you are using ps great video

C says:

Great vid, what welder settings did you use for the welds?

Dave’s Shed & Garage says:

Do you knock down the weld before grinding or is it not necessary as you only have maybe 1 mm of filler difference between the bottom arch and the upper arch?

Andrew Newton says:

Knew they rotted but not as bad as that great to watch

Life As Lewis says:

Where in Yorkshire are you based?

Ron says:

Fantastic work, a true artisan. Only problem with these videos is they in too soon. However, Did anyone besides me find that damned music annoying as hell?

Paul Tyrer says:

Great video shows how easy it's done when you know how,I watched it at least 20 times then did my mx5 my self brilliant video p tyrer bristol

Quest says:

Really helpful video, I'm going to be tackling the rust on my S2000 this winter, which is in a similar area so will probably be quite similar to this. Fingers crossed it's as easy as you make it look!

pablo sebastian says:

Un suscriptor mas saludos

William Rae says:

How do we contact you…tried on Instagram without success?

Craig Howard says:

Your doing these videos without any safety in mind, no gloves, face masks or even an axle stand. That's someone's property, what if the jack fails? People will be putting themselves in danger copying you. Please use safety equipment if your going to show videos on youtube

Amerikan Stafford says:


Joel berners says:

What’s the sort of price looking at for this to be done?

Sam North says:

Great video I'm doing a similar job on a mazda bongo, did you use fibreglass filler over the weld then normal filler to finish?

JDM_Physics says:

top job !!! , but no mask when sanding filler .. naughty .. i once did that and got a nice cup across the ear from my old man haha

Carnel Rottweiler Kennel says:

Great video. I have a 2016 Miata that was hit on the rear left side above the wheel. What is the average price for repairing/replacing the panel? I am trying to stay under $3000

Jess says:

Can’t wait to get mine done! Hope I see it on the YouTube channel

Andrew Blainey says:

Very nice video! Gives me the motivation and confidence to give it a go on my own one. I had my MX5 arches repaired a while ago but now have an issue where water will leak into where the battery sits from where the rear pannel and behind the rear bumper meet, any advice on how to tackle this?

Tom Barnes says:

Thanks great video gonna give my MK1 a go soon and nice to see what's in there as I've never done before, can't be too different

Runaway Garage says:

This was rad. Someone cut my fiances miata quarter arches out for fender flares and were wanting to put it back to stock body. Really doesn't seem too bad to do.

Eridious says:

Bro the amount of adverts in your videos

Rich says:

apologies if I am being ignorant I dont know the first thing really about bodywork, but wont tucking the arch under the old one cause water ingress? If not amazing because thats how ill do mine!

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