How-To: Mazda Protege LED headlight Install

How-To: Mazda Protege LED headlight Install

Showing how to install 9003 H4 style LED headlights into a 2001 Mazda protege. This applies to the 1999-2003 models of protege.


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Slurax says:

hey where did you get all your parts for the car?

2fast4u says:

the hatchback takes h7, sedan takes 9003 completely different bulb. could you confirm

julio osorio says:

Your high beam worked at first or did you have to do something to get it working?

Bug Man says:

Thanks for the vid! Do your low and high beams work with these?

Aidan Brasuell says:

Longevity? I have a speed protege and I want to get LEDs. A well known company is local and I'm thinking about spending big bucks to get good ones, but if these are working fine I might get these instead. Let me know!

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