How to install a new battery on a Mazda CX-9

How to install a new battery on a Mazda CX-9

How to replace the battery on a 2016+ Mazda CX-9 and what battery fits.
Link to battery tester:
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Romeo H. says:

Great video, battery on my wife's 2017 CX-9 died today and jumping it didn't work. Would you recommend an AGM battery or standard group 35 ?

dusty2good says:

Thanks to guys like you, there’s a video on everything. I wanted to change the batt on my wife’s ‘17 CX-9, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s a video in it. Thanks!

Curtis Farmer says:

Thanks for this! My wife’s 2015 Cx-9 needs a new battery and I was hoping I could do it myself. This video is just what I needed. Thanks again!

Fred Fred says:

Thanks for the video! I just purchased a new CX-5 which has the battery located in the same spot as your CX-9. I was curious how easy it was to get it out considering that the rear portion of the battery sits slightly under the plastic windshield trim. Looks like you had enough room to slide the battery forward to clear that trim. I'll add this to my Watch Later so that in roughly 5 years I can pull it up and replace my battery. Cheers!

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