Everything You Need To Know About Mazda Navigation SD Cards (How to Install & If They're Worth It!)

Everything You Need To Know About Mazda Navigation SD Cards (How to Install & If They're Worth It!)

This video is focusing on modern Mazda Navigation SD Cards, what they are, how to use them, and if they’re worth it!

0:00 – Intro
0:30 – What is a Navigation SD Card?
1:06 – What you get when you order one
2:52 – Things To Note
3:37 – Benefits of the SD Card
5:16 – Final Overview



Pert Plus says:

Will this work for Mazda cx30 select 2021. ?

Syed Mohd Yasir says:

I live in malaysia, i like to get one for my cx30….can someone guide me the link to buy

Peter M. says:

I bought one around 2017 and it was flagged as counterfeit just today when I tried to update with Mazda's tool box. Of course, it did not update. I only tried to update b/c it was awful at finding addresses and I had hoped by updating it, it might help. Now I am taking my 2017 CX-3 to have the "Android app" installed for $400 dollars. The counterfeit still provides navigation but it generally sucks at finding locations to navigated to. The moral is you get what you pay for.

bellmeisterful says:

Yeah I just bought a 2021 Hatchback Select trim and NO ONE sells a card for it …3rd party…

catboy721 says:

So how are the 3-year updates delivered… do they swap out the SD or are there 'over the air' updates somehow? Also, does Mazda care that you get this through a third party and not through them?

Marsha Sanchez says:

Can you add a link if where you purchased it please

Brian Hua says:

I received the same one yesterday. I can confirm it works and I love it so far. 2021 Mazda 3 Select Hatch

What's In Dan's Garage? says:

Why do you need this SD if you have your phone with Google or Apple maps with you and Bluetooth? Unless it has built-in GPS AND you live in remote area. The speed limit thing is not really important to me since if I want to break it I don't need my car to tell me what the limit is and if I want to respect it there is already the signs telling me. And I live in an area where there are frequent changes in speed limit either for road work or actual change in law so I wonder if the SD card is even that useful.

mebok 21 says:

Great video man! I just ordered mine for my 2021 3, saved me 400 bucks haha

niamaru2 says:

Should look into using Waze my guy, better than maps

Sumner Smith says:

The speed limit thing next to speedometer is very enticing I must say… Wish you showed a blip of what the nav screen looks like

david maldonado says:

the cars already have navigation built in which is why you can see your latitude and longitude when you open up the nav without it. mazda just sells the license key which is kinda scummy.

retro steven says:

This video was not helpful to me Zack I just want to help the channel keep up the good work.

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