DIY- How to Fix or Repair or Replace the command console control knob on Mazda 6

DIY- How to Fix or Repair or Replace the command console control knob on Mazda 6

Is the center command control knob not working anymore? Did you drink spill onto it and now the buttons are sticky?

This video shows how to remove and open up the command console control knob to clean out and repair as needed. This was done on a 2014 Mazda6.

As Always, SAFETY is first. Use all the precautions and safety equipment and gear at all time…depending on what is being done that includes, gloves, glasses, mask, etc.

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DLAT69 says:

Is that a computer cover bracket? Creative fix!

Luis Lebron says:

I often spill 'coke' when I'm not being careful, I paid a lot of money for it, so I need to know if it is in my command console? Thanks for the video!

tempel68 says:

Super thanks for this video. I broke the mounting lugs of the control panel when I accidently dropped my tool box on it. Also fixed them with some self made aluminium brackets. I would not have been able to get this job done so comfortably without your video.! Great stuff!

Mike Atencio says:

Where did you get the printout of the removal process? My control unit fell into the console because the little plastic tabs dry rotted and broke. I am using plumber's metal tape (metal strap tape with holes in it to hang up pipes). I bought some pieces of thermal plastic, cut it to size so the tape can go across where the plug is. A new control switch is about $379.00 Forget that! All because of cheap little plastic tabs. Those other two tabs will break off. It's really poor engineering design there.

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