DIY Drive Belt Tensioner & Drive Belt Replacement | 3rd Gen Mazda 6 | 2014-2020 | Basic Hand Tools

DIY Drive Belt Tensioner & Drive Belt Replacement | 3rd Gen Mazda 6 | 2014-2020 | Basic Hand Tools

Continuing with the maintenance videos on my 160k 2014 Mazda 6 GT, today I tackle the Belt Tensioner and replace the drive belts.

I got this car with 53K in April 2018, so its safe to say that this is probably the original drive belts. People have reported their belts breaking with less than 35K miles! I guess I was running on borrowed time!

In my honest opinion, this job can be completed in about 90-120 minutes with basic hand tools if you have prior basic mechanical knowledge.

Tune in and if you need to replace your Leaky Tensioner or compromised cracked drive belts, this is the DIY Video for you!

Don’t get caught on the side of the road! Catch it before it catches up to you!

LED Work Lights:


Equipment List:
GoPro Hero 5:
Hohem iSteady Pro 3:
Rode VideoMic Go:
GoPro Pro 3.5mm Microphone Adapter:

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Chris Cordero-Torres says:

Thank you! Haha I’m so grateful I just changed mine out only took a couple hours

cristian z says:

Good afternoon, I want to congratulate you on your excellent video, a consultation after installing the two belts, how it is synchronized or how many turns must be made to the main pulley so as not to lose the synchronization of the engine, thank you in advance ..

Augusto Montoya says:

Extraordinary Video so helpful !! Thanks

A D says:

Just had my installation done!! Again. Bother, THANK you so much for your guide!

Don JuanMa says:

Excellent video

A D says:

Thanks! Very useful guide! Nicest quality video! Hands down!

Zach Darden says:

Thanks for the helpful video! Made my repair a breeze!

Mike Beaudet says:

Super helpful, thanks! The hardest thing was just removing the splash guard from the wheel well, ha!

kent bown says:

This is just perfect. Thank you. Two hours and done.
I have a red rubber tube left over. Any idea what for?

ABC Garage says:

Need you for my maintenance for sure


Damn bro that belt was clapped!

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