8 CHEAP MODS In 10 Minutes For Your Mazda MX-5 Miata

8 CHEAP MODS In 10 Minutes For Your Mazda MX-5 Miata

Today we cover a range of inexpensive and also easy-to-install mods for the NA & NB MX-5. We wanted to make it different to a lot of other cheap mod videos out there, which often include a multitude of service parts. Here, we’ve featured mods that change the appearance or ergonomics of the car.

00:00 Intro
00:56 Jass Performance Offset License Plate Bracket Https://Bit.Ly/2W1Khrg
02:26 Skidnation Delrin Door Bushes Https://Bit.Ly/3Zag2R8
03:55 Jass Performance Sport Style Gear Knob Https://Bit.Ly/2Xhkmky
05:04 Motamec Deep Dish Steering Wheel Https://Bit.Ly/3Eicyo7
06:54 Bg Racing Steering Wheel Spacer Https://Bit.Ly/39Qbq5J
08:52 Genuine Eunos Key Blank Https://Bit.Ly/3Lqr2Fc
09:04 Jass Performance Sun Visor Plugs Https://Bit.Ly/2Xhztou
09:55 Jass Performance Drift Handbrake Button Https://Bit.Ly/3U64Dwv

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@jessfouracre6570 says:

Great video! unfortunately my car has most of these mods already. Previous owner has changed a lot on it anyway. I'm going to hunt through your videos now and see if you have more mods

@RiceAndStuff says:

Pretty pointless.

@clarebear7290 says:

Does the Offset License Plate Bracket suite for American license plates too?

@bennilap says:

Did he just call the NA Miata a "Mark1" ??!?!?!?? Dude shouldn't be allowed to talk about cars for at least a year after this

@jimh8644 says:

No offense, but the Euro license number plates are WAY too large. They spoil the look of any vehicle. Car lovers should encourage their legislators to get a more reasonable size plate.

@tedsterb says:

Do you know if anyone makes clear front reflectors for the 2010 Miata?

@jkasaunder228 says:

Nice to meet you today at the MX5 National Rally. (Y) Get some more videos up mate. They were a blast too watch.

@stephen579 says:

What a load of crap, these are just toys and have no real benefit to the car.

@J.J.Williams says:

How does one go about getting a number plate of that shape though? And it being MOT approved obviously.

@jonnyware9061 says:

On Mk1; Any tips on how to dress the wiring for the rear centre brake light please?
At the hinge end I know it’s a problem as constant because bending breaks the wire.
Any tips on how to future proof it please?

@jonnyware9061 says:

Great mods and tips!
I’ll look through your other videos to see if there’s any more. ..
Can I ask though incase not covered;
1. I can’t seem to adjust the steering wheel angle/ height adjust. The top of the wheel blocks the indicator lights on the dial instrument display.
2. The instrument dials cowl is quite shiny.
I get loads of glare on the windscreen.
Wish it was the same pattern as on the dashboard.
Is the angle just ri

@hawkeyejo9609 says:

3 cylinder na gang!

@tomwalton6371 says:

How much for one of you Miata

@Elias-ux3yy says:

I’ve got an rx7 nardi in my NB do I need a shorthub anyway for a quick release or can I whip my sparco wheel on there without a quick release n be ok

@breene782 says:

Just got a mx5 not in the best condition and defo wanna mod it so this vid is gonna help getting started

@stevebohling7074 says:

Hi, thanks for the video very useful. When you fitted the steering wheel spacer did you have to do anything to make the horn work as normal? I just fitted a wheel spacer but now the horn doesn't work because it's not earthing I think. My wheel spacer is black. Perhaps I should take some of the coating off?

@carlosnumbertwo says:

0wning a single owner 97 and it being a Georgia car. I'm amazed how much rust that NB 2s baby teeth has!

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