2016 Mazda 6 Powered Sub-Woofer Install Project

2016 Mazda 6 Powered Sub-Woofer Install Project

Made this video to help install an aftermarket powered sub-woofer



Reynald Timbal says:

Will this fit in 2017 Mazda CX-5?

The Wanderer says:

Doesn't work for 2018 mazda 6

J M says:

I installed this for a monoblock amp and sub box
RCA cables plugged into ‘rear’ output on module
Works great.
Is it possible to also use rcas on the front output for a 2 or 4 Chanel amp (door speakers) ?

Does this module work for 2 amps?

Eazy Rida says:

i have the 2015 madza 3i sport hatchback im replacing the 2 front doors speakers to the morel maximo 6 6.5 and also a 4 channel amp and 2 12 inch and a mono block amp and the twk-88 so my question is where do tap in behind the radio or the tuner located on the passager side kick panel and if so what color are the speaker wires pos/neg for the left and right door speakers this the loc ill be using is the NVX XLCA2 my radio is the infotement system

Mark Segree says:

I understand people use this for their subs. But how do they use it to connect a 5 channel

ashbyk03 says:

What did you do for the negative? Just bolt to the chassis?

Cisneros Detailing says:

Can you do one on a 2020 premium hatchback Mazda 3 I have a Bose system but I want more still

shawn amelio says:

so instead of going straight to the touchscreen radio just use the harness?

Scott H says:

Constructive criticism;
Way too long. This should have been edited down to 5 min. You could cut out most everything but how to connect the wires. Placement, physical installation are all fundimentals a DIY'r should know. All we need to know is how to connect the sub to the Bose amp. Thanks

Adeel Mushtaq says:

Thank you David for this great video. I installed a subwoofer in my Mazda 6 2016 with Bose in the UK thanks to you. A few points for others
1) If you only want a small sub there is a spare 15A fuse in the cabin fusebox (R-Outlet3). Avoids going to the battery if you are below 180W RMS.
2) If you are in a country that drives on the left side (RHD). The Tau is in the same place so just above the driver side kick panel. Remove. Undo the three bolts and bingo you can get in.
3) There are some M6 ground points behind the rear seats. Pull the seats forward and you should see them. Just use some sandpaper and a flanged bolt and you are good.
4) If you have Bose use the rear outputs and fade the output a few points to rear. You get full channel on both front and rear but this stops the bose front woofers distorting when you crank it
5) Most importantly if you have a Bose amplifier there is a delay of ~40-60ms between the onboard amp and the sub. You need to address the delay else output is lower and be out of sync. I used a CYP AU-D18 Lip Sync Corrector which I picked up cheap.

James Monte says:

hey whats up. Loved watching the install, made a lot of similar mistakes and ran power through the boot in the exact same way. where can I find speaker wires to tap into for a LOC?? maybe behind the glove box? I ran power first and stuck on where to tap in the Line Out Converter. My car is a 2018 mazda 6 touring. Installing 1 12 in bazooka brand tube hooked to a fosgate rf500 mono block. Any tips would be greatly appreciated .

Klaus Ittmann says:

Works this on Mazda 6 2017 with BOSE System too ?

Alex Project Budget says:

Do it’s same as Mazda 3?

edwin laderos says:

Does this apply the same if the mazda 6 is 2015 and is the grand turin plus version which brings bose sound equipment?

erogers7053 says:

Its dirty man! Keep your work area clean and organized!

colio 2013 says:

Works in a Mazda 3 skyactiv 2014?

Dorian Thompson says:

Is this install specific for that one speaker or would I be able to set up my amp the same way??

7csquad says:

Links and URL's of where you found the parts and wiring and a video on how it sounds would be awesome

Derek says:

Thanks for the idea of going through that main wiring harness grommet nipple thingy.

J P says:

Where did u put the ground

dwai1967 says:

To make your install of the pac interface easier. Once you drop the glove box to get to the TAU, you will see there are 3 10mm nut fasteners holding the assembly. Remove those fasteners and gently pull the assembly off the screws and gently pull down to make it easier to access the connector. I couldn't get to it without the process.

Shane Robinson says:

I have a 2015 Mazda 6 and the adapter was to big wat can I do to fix the issue can anyone help

alkohazard69 says:

Hello, I just bought all the kit you have to install the subwoofer. it is not clear to me where the cable pass (+) is, I can not find it

Tristen 2666 says:

Plz help. I need this but smaller.

Tristen 2666 says:

Hey man i just bought this and is too big for my 2014 mazda 3 si

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