Lotus Elise Tech Talk adjusting the side windows

Lotus Elise   Tech Talk   adjusting the side windows

This is a video covering the adjustment of a Lotus Elise S2 side window mechanism. Please watch more Lotus Tech Talk if interessted on my you tube channel



dingo dave says:

very hand videos thanks very much

Martin Tijero says:

Has anyone had the problem with door opening from inside but not the outside 2005 lotus elise..any help would be great thanks in advance

Nicolae Ivanescu says:

can you make a video on adjusting the door hinges? door is sagging a bit

Husain Ali says:

That has been very helpful thank you very much, can you please provide tips on how to improve the air conditioning, i got exige s2 the air con flow is not strong even on speed 3

Jonathan Wyatt says:

great information – the electric windows i think are a little lighter than the manual ones

CamboMaka says:

Thank you very much. I need to do this. Could you please make a vid about realigning the doors?

Tango Nuevo says:

If you contact The UK Lotus Centre on 44 121 561 5454 they should be able to supply a cut end of a sill panel to repair yours. Also, see the two tricks to reduce Elise wind noise in this video – https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PNnODlBPRKY

Thanks for these Lotus videos. Looking forward to the crash box going back on.

Tom In Denver says:

Thanks for the video and your knowledge! I'll be doing this adjustment this weekend to my '05 Elise 🙂

David Hyde says:

Another good video. Thanks, Steve. The more I learn about the Elise, the more I'd like to have one myself. Not so easy here in the U.S., though. Oh well, I'll just live vicariously through yours . 🙂

ChriAustria says:

thank you very much for this one.

Only the essential says:

Very helpful video about an issue that many elise owners complain about (wind noise and drops of rain).
Another easy fix on our beloved hand made elises.
Keep doing what pleases you and don’t waste your energy on unjustified thumbs downs. They are people that appreciate your work and people they don’t, not for a specific reason, but just because they can. Don’t wonder why they do it.

Kgeee says:

Hopefully one day you will make a video about your life. I think that'd be really interesting.

D3Sshooter says:

one thumb down, can you tell me what can be done. To make it better txs

Andrew Thompson says:

This for this sir.

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