How To Make A Cheap Abandoned Lotus BETTER Than A New $120,000 Supercar

How To Make A Cheap Abandoned Lotus BETTER Than A New $120,000 Supercar

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Today, Tavarish brings some new hotness to the shop, in form of a 2021 Lotus Evora GT, worth nearly $120,000 to compare to the abandoned 1990 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE that we are rebuilding. Prepare to be inspired!
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Glenn MacArthur says:

Oh hell lets just cut to the chase and drop a J-79 jet engine in it with 25,000 hp and by pass the whole mess completely!

Glenn MacArthur says:

OMG, your tubestake city [fast & furious] is showing, TRY to have a little style the esprit is a functional work of art and horsepower! even thought it is a "G" Queen in running order it will teach the other car new tricks!

Andrew S says:

The older one would make a fun back to the future car.

rpmoore318 says:

I love this project

sbuds 323 says:

Hows the Lotus.

J.P. Sayer says:

Omg Tavarish, you are completely bsing this entire episode! Do a little research on the cars before going on about their motor design and capabilities. The V6 is from Toyota but the only thing kept was the block, all the internals upgraded to forged Ti, valve train redesigned and supercharger is a Lotus design, not from Toyota. The reliability of Lotus Evora motors is as good as a Toyota Camry.

V Spencer says:

It must never get rid of the Austin Maxi door handles.

Christian Gustafson says:

Q. why don't the English make TV sets?
A. they can't figure out how to make them leak oil.

Joe Jones says:

Tavarish, don't butcher that oldie Lotus, keep the real features, like the wood instrument cluster, maybe some digital gauges, some really nice sill plates, some led lighting, you know be creative, but don't butcher it…

Peter Telford says:

Gidday from Australia.
First love the choice in the car you bought , second IT SHOULD BE CALLED ""SHARON "" AS IN SHARON STONE, THE CAR FROM BASIC INSTINCT.

Maverick Buckley says:

The Lotus is my favourite car of yours. Awesome motorcar

Matthew Stott says:

Well with inflation from 1990 @ $85k = $173k in 2021.

Jens Peter Simonsen says:

Roger Moore is smiling in his grave 🙂

John Bishop says:

To be honest,I only subscribed for the Lotus.When,or if will there be anymore content on this old super car?

Bill McDonald says:

I love the direction you’re going with this beautiful classic car

Point Particle says:

Stainless steel shift knob? Keep a Kevlar glove in the car with you, for the shifting hand, I guess…

Dennis Brooks says:

Is this the type car that became a submarine in the James Bond movie? A brown one used on the ski slopes? I think they destroyed a few making the movie.

Jose Jaramillo says:

This is gonna be a beautiful build. can’t wait to see the end masterpiece

Steve W says:

If you want an Evora, buy one. The Esprit is a perfectly balanced car and looks 100% better than the Evora.

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