how to install flow packing machine Lotus

how to install flow packing machine Lotus

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‼️‼️Foshan Ruipuhua Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd ( Named REALPOWER also), who is specializing in manufacturing packaging equipment and Automatic packaging solutions for almost 20 2⃣0⃣years in China.

According to the feeding way, the packaging equipment has two types:👇👇
👉👉1. Semi-automatic packaging equipment. ( manual feeding) In other words, manual put products in the infeed conveyor in packaging machinery.
👉👉2. Fully automatic packaging solutions for bread, cake, bun, moon cake, hamburger, cupcake, and other food industry.

According to the industry, food packaging machinery and non-food packing solution have 8 types:👇👇
🔴1. Bakery🍩🍕 packaging solution, such as cake packaging equipment, Swiss roll🍰 packaging system, bread 🍞packaging equipment, Mamon🍮 packaging solution, layer cake packaging system, bread roller packing equipment, hamburger🍔 packaging machinery, and toast bread packaging line. This type of bakery packaging solution can be equipped with an air charging device or nitrogen charging device to improve the package life span.
💯👉👉The bakery packaging solution leakage rate less than 0.03%.
🔴2. Chocolate bar 🍫🍫packaging machinery.
🔴3. Wafer packaging solution. Single wafer packaging machinery, family wafer packaging equipment, and the combined packaging solution with single water and family wafer.
🔴4. Peanut bar packaging machine, cereal bar packaging system, energy bar packaging machinery, protein bar packaging equipment, and rice crispy packaging solution.
🔴5. Soap🧽️🧼️ bar packaging solution
🔴6. Biscuit packaging solutions, such as cracker biscuit packaging machines, cookies packaging equipment.
🔴7. Candy bar packaging solutions.
🔴8. Snack packaging solution.
🔴9. Other types of automatic packaging equipment.

‼️In 2020 year, Ruipuhua company invented the disposable ultrasonic face mask making machine and KN95 face mask making the machine. The ultrasonic face mask making machinery controlled by an 8-11 servo motor and a capacity of up to 80-120 pieces per minute.

🎉🎉💞Attractive points:
☑️With packaging equipment machinery operation manual video
☑️Packaging machinery installation video
☑️Online engineer support for automatic packaging equipment
☑️Capacity: Up to 80-300 pcs per minute per line.
☑️Optional: air charging or nitrogen charging device.
☑️With European CE and ISO9001 quality system for the face mask making equipment and automatic packaging equipment.

🎉🎉In August.2018, got packaging industry-standard honor on CCTV2 Central television channel.
For more details, check the following links:

🎉🎉In February.2019, become automatic packaging machine industry standard maker leader f o o d p r o c e s s i n g m a c h i n e r y s t a n d a r d s (SAC/TC494/WG14)
For more details, check the following links:

[ 0:03 ] Ruipuhua food packaging machinery developing history.
[ 0:52 ] Certification and honors of automatic packaging equipment
[ 1:06 ] CCTV-.Chinese Economic channel report about packaging machinery leader factory.
[1:16] RUIPUHUA company selected as the team leader of that food packaging machinery industry standard maker.
[ 1:47 ] Ruipuhua packaging equipment workshop.
[ 2:01 ] Bakery packaging machine case
[ 2:08 ] Rice bar/ egg roll packaging solutions
[ 2:10 ] Tray loading and packaging system
[ 3:18 ] Box-motion packaging machine RD-BM-508S for bread industry.
[ 2:50 ] R&D Department. Engineer office and packaging machine design.
[ 3:20 ] Food packaging machinery details.
[ 3:40 ] Successful food packaging machinery cases.
[ 4:31 ] Meeting about packaging equipment.
[ 5:40 ] Chinese government channel reports about RUIPUHUA packaging machine.
[ 16:15 ] Ultrasonic face mask making machine and face mask packaging machine introduction
[ 18:21 ] KN95 face mask making machine.

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