How to grow mini lotus from seeds, sprout quickly

How to grow mini lotus from seeds, sprout quickly

How to grow mini lotus from seeds, sprout quickly. How to grow lotus at home. GROW LOTUS PLANT AT HOME FROM THIS SIMPLE METHOD. Easiest method to grow Lotus plant from Seed



L J says:

Need to stop playing music so loud .

Qamar says:

Hi! It was nice to see the lotus growing.well explained. What size is the big pot?

Akhow Tingkhatra says:

Pls contact no.

Akhow Tingkhatra says:

Hlo how to order??

Annie Kong says:

Want to ask if the pot of water will become a mosquito's breeding place?



divya b says:

thanks for the video… can you help us purchase lotus & water lilies

Vakratund Tiles says:

Hello sir ye dhup me rakhna hota he kya

Nazua Tohin says:

Should I need to add anything here for flower?

Aman Khan says:

What's the variety name?
Pls anyone tell me about this water lily variety name. I really want to grow this above water growing variety.

Muhammad Darwish says:

bunga Lotus

Rattananan Karn says:

Is there anyway to avoid mosquito from lotus pot? I just ordered the seed and about to grow them. Just worries about mosquitos are going to lay in my lotus pot.


Brother can you give the link from where you have purchased the seeds.

Luxurycreationv says:

Mere lotus seeds abi grow nhi huye bilkul 4din ho gye bhaiya please help me

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