How to grow Lotus from seeds, How to grow lotus seeds

How to grow Lotus from seeds, How to grow lotus seeds

How to grow Lotus from seeds, How to grow lotus seeds

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Tahmid Hawlader says:

Is fish ka nam kaya he?? please

EasyBio4u says:

Sir ye paani kitne din me change krna hota h tub ka

Amrita Priyadarshini says:

Is it necessary to add fish can't we do without it ?

John Connolly says:

I don't speak Hindi but your video is super clear. Thank you. whats the minimum dept of water you need for the lotus to thrive. My little patio pot pond is about 14 inches tall. Thanks for your help

Chhaya Rajput says:

Hey can u please mention the name of the fishes??

janmajay meher says:

Nice video. Good understanding. Knowledgeable matters. Thanks

Prachi Adinath says:

Can I soak Lotus seed without Scratch

jhuma Das says:

I have done it but my one dont bloom

Lofi Songs says:

Fish konsi hai

Pik uv says:

Fish kon si type ki hai??? Please reply.

Surajkumar Huidrom says:

Bhai chikni mitti matlab ??? Anyone????

Vikash agnihotri says:

Sir Patti ke pass sukh gya h

sherry Sixty says:

Male female fish ka kaisay pata chalay ga

hema latha says:

Which side to scrap

Asha snehi says:

Fish kha se late ho aap

vivek marthand says:

Very nicely explained

bhartendra says:

Very illustrative & to the point video. Two doubts. When to plant seed in Delhi NCR for good growth We do not get live fish anywhere near by. What to do

Paquito Perez says:

Why the hell do you put the title of your video in English and then you spend the whole video speaking your bangladeshi or hindi or bramapute language?!


Sir mere me roots aa chuki h but leaf khuli nhi h

Nanda Patil says:

Fish is important for louts planting

Shaik Shameem says:

Bro.. Fish dalna zaroori hy kya

ANNA & ALICE says:

Pani kaise change karna hai or kab kab ye toh bataya hi nahi


Agar fish ni ho to kya plant khrab ho jyega kya

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