How GLUE Saved My Lotus From Being CRUSHED! Chassis Damage Fix

How GLUE Saved My Lotus From Being CRUSHED! Chassis Damage Fix

My Lotus Elise S1 had some significant chassis damage, normally this would mean crushing the car or buying a whole new chassis. But for the first time a Lotus Elise chassis has been fixed publicly. With the use of glue!!

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Huge thanks to Phil and Ash!
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david labbe says:

Very very brave !

Terry TheBerry says:

Great you finally got it sorted. Surely another nice sounding exhaust for this one at some point no?

Simon Harding says:

nice job looks mint

alex simon says:

My dream car is an1989 328. I would be just happy renting one for the day and driving it upstate

Jonathan Brown says:

Enjoy your cool lotus

robert woodliff says:

Nice piece of work. Shame they made it so difficult to repair. But then it's the other hand of being that light/strong.

joel fildes says:

The glue of life…

Bongo Fury says:

humanity would crumble without glue

miloudiben says:

Very well done, I really couldn’t see this making it back. Hopefully there’s no flex! Good luck

I don't Know says:

When duck tape and cable ties stop working.

My mirror was duck taped on for 4 year's before i got around to glueing it. It used to fall off every time it rained or the sun shone too much.

catcosworth says:

Great news Jack and bravo for this brave fixing ! I seriously consider the sale of my 308 for an elise S1. It would be delightfull to watch a video of the comparaison between the original and continuation 😉 (if you see what i mean)

bonkey dollocks says:

Great result, not taking anything away from lotus or the guys who saved the chassis (and I realise the work and skill involved) but it didn't seem to be an out of the ordinary job to me. Lotus's solution was to scrap it? Other manufacturers, ie Audi, jaguar, Aston Martin to name a few have used bonded aluminum and chassis for a couple of decades now, I can't see how this created such a problem. I realise lotus would want to supply a new chassis because they don't do repair sections but a fix as per the video should be common place, that's what good engineers do, fix things!

Home Built By Jeff says:

Great to see you save it mate!

Stephen Gamble says:

Well done. These cars need to be kept on the road. There will never be anything like them again. S2 owner.

Richard Skelton says:

Good job and a great video!

Bill Griffiths says:

Don't park it where you parked the 205.

Lester Beedell says:

I’ve got a series 1 , the chassis isn’t repairable, the strength is gone, I wouldn’t be happy driving it!

English 101 says:

I would have let them that things ugly.

luckyal says:

just hope it doesnt burn oil !!!! great to see a positive outcome !!!!

daniel Shane says:

Aralidte 2014 and 2015 are room temperature curing structural adhesives that are perfect for this purpose. Ive used 2015 to repair the wishbone pickups on Elise chassis's for years with great results

Daniel Wood says:

I had one of these as a daily driver for about five years. Not good in the wet. Great cars though.

Lemma01 says:

Well done. Having a 111S long-termer, a lovely drive. But any Lotus (I've experience of several) needs millimeter or better geometry to deliver that liquid handling: does the Frankelise? Hope so! 😉

nick janssens says:

It’s a pity Lotus couldn’t have given it a once over to endorse the repair. A well thought through solution to previous owners bodges.

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