Hethelsport Lotus Evora GT430 Wing Install

Hethelsport Lotus Evora GT430 Wing Install

Installation of the Hethelsport Lotus Evora GT430 Wing on OEM carbon fiber louvred hatch decklid.



TheyellowZ says:

The NSX just cruising by

Ben Riding says:

zthang118, do you think that wing would fit on a 2020 Lotus Evora GT?

rodney Shepherd says:

It looks amazing! Are you still happy with it. Im looking at doing this to my 2018 with CF pack.

Puupii says:

Does it add any performance or just for aesthetics?

05FordGT says:

Looks fantastic. Did you put anything on the paint (ppe) where the brackets sit on the paired part of the decklid? Just curious as it looks like it could marr the finish.

HethelSport.com says:

Thanks for the wonderful install video and review! This wing was originally designed for our HethelSport Lotus Evora 410 Tailgate so it's great to see it on a factory Lotus tailgate too. –Sherman

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