Full Car Audio System Install on 2018 Lotus Exige

Full Car Audio System Install on 2018 Lotus Exige

In today’s video we are working on a 2018 Lotus Exige. You may be thinking, where are we going to put all the products?

In the video we show you a step by step guide eon how to install a full sound system to the Lotus Exige! we upgraded it with the a brand new head unit that added apple car play and android auto plus the amp, new speaker and sub too!

Head unit – ALPINE ILX F115D
Sub – Kenwood KSC-SW11 Underseat Subwoofer
4″ Speakers – Audison Prima APX 4
5″ Speakers – Audison Prima APX 5
Amplifier – Audison SR 4.300

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kevin brooks says:

Lovely job,but the V6 is the real sound track

F. M. says:

As an owner of one of those cars… I makes around 130dB … you can scream at each other :D… but sure, in some traffic situations. Nice Build anyway!


Hi, which sounds better: Audison Av Quattro, Hertz Hcp4 dk or Mille Power 4?

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