Anyone have a potential explanation for this…? #cars #lotus #manual #projectcar #elise

Anyone have a potential explanation for this…? #cars #lotus #manual #projectcar #elise

Comments says:

I think someone was being aggressive and broke it, then tried to weld it back together. Decent repair, bad modification

@audistik1199 says:

Maybe it broke.

@justingauthier2751 says:

You need to cut and extend the bottom

@WiserAsIGrow says:

the repositioned shifter mounting tab further back made it a short shifter…

@manwoman2026 says:

Some have the weirdest perceptions of what is considered effective repairs Tractor Alligators

@EuropaSman says:

Does the shifter still have its blue ball? Maybe that's the reason if the blue ball isn't there. Like on the Evora, they can fail. If you are able to change the shifter out, do l. I'm getting a Dolomiti Shifter fitted to my 2010 Series 3 Elise soon (the shifter is from the Italy and I'm in the UK). There's the Shiftr111 2.0 from InoKinetic in Murrieta, CA as well.

@setha7781 says:

Would love to see the whole shifter assembly w/o the center console piece on; looks like further butchery down below.

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