Transmission Torque Mount replacement Lincoln MKX Ford Edge 2007 to 2010

Transmission Torque Mount replacement Lincoln MKX Ford Edge 2007 to 2010

How to replace a transmission torque mount on a Lincoln MKX and Ford Edge model years 2007-2010

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DieselGuy says:

Whats the ford part number

Cody Prichard says:

What is the ford motorcraft part # ? appreciate the help.

Miguel jorge Dominguez Miramontes says:

What was the reason to replace that part? Was it shaking all the time?

Soundmanfh says:

When using high heat RTV, apply a generous layer of it. Then lightly tighten the bolts and leave it alone overnight. Come back the next day and tighten her down. You will have a nice seal that lasts and can often be used again. If you tighten it down after applying, you squeeze a lot of it out and have a good chance of a leak. Been there done that.

Toby Dog says:

I'm gonna be nice today and not say anything.

Horsepower House says:

I need to do this to my 2008 Ford Taurus X (160,000 miles). Not looking forward to it. :/

oellc1 says:

Thank you guys for the education …. gonna go do my 2008 MKX today…

TJ N says:

Orielys parts suck ass

Daniel Bornhoeft says:

I'm glad you put this up before I tried replacing my mount. what size bolts were used to replace on the exhaust?

Andrian ST says:

….. always it deserves your attention to 100%… thanks for this video! on 43 – it to minute on a cowl I observe a protective tape where it is possible to buy it?

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