TG Welder Fan Replacement – 140HD Lincoln Electric

TG Welder Fan Replacement – 140HD Lincoln Electric

In today’s video I replace the fan in my Lincoln Electric 140HD. In a previous video I diagnosed the problem.

Lincoln 140HD:
Welding Helmet:

I’ve had this welder for several years now. I’ve run hundreds, or likely thousands of feet of flux core wire through this machine. But on a recent project it produced this horrid sound. It sounded like grounded electricity, or a significant electric load. Followed by what sounded like the fan having a clearance issue. I pulled the cover off and noticed the fan was not spinning, or spinning slower than it should. I found some wonderful diagnostic resources on the Lincoln Electric website (see below). However, the Lincoln website was not user friendly when it came to purchasing the necessary components so I chose to order those from (see part # below). I was able to follow the diagnostic protocol from the Lincoln materials and determine that the problem was the fan and not the CPU. In this video I will replace the fan.

Order Parts Online:
Lincoln Electric 120v Fan Motor Part# S18977-12 or 9SS18977-12

Diagnostic Resources:
All Products
Wire Feeder Welders
Weld-Pak 140HD – 11635
Service Manual
Troubleshooting Guide

The machine has output, wire feed, gas flow but NO fan.

1. Possible faulty fan motor.
2. Possible faulty Control P.C. Board.

1. Perform the Fan Motor Test.


This test will determine if the Fan Motor is receiving the correct voltage.

Miscellaneous Hand Tools

Procedure Steps:
1. Remove the input power to the machine.
2. Perform the Case Cover Removal Procedure.
3. Locate the fan terminals on the Control board B1 and B4. See Wiring Diagram. See CONTROL BOARD LEAD LOCATION(S).
4. Turn machine on to conduct voltage test.
Type of Hazard: ELECTRIC SHOCK can kill.
How to avoid:
Have an electrician install and service this equipment. Turn the input power OFF at the fuse box before working on equipment. Do not touch electrically hot parts. Turn the machine OFF between each test.
5. There should be 120 VAC on the Fan leads at B1 and B4 on the Control Board. See Wiring Diagram.
6. If the correct voltages are not there, check for correct input voltages 115VAC at leads 602 and 500 on the Control Board. See Wiring Diagram. See CONTROL BOARD LEAD LOCATION(S).
7. If correct voltages are at leads 602 and 500 and not at FAN terminals, possible faulty Control Board.
8. If the correct voltage IS NOT at leads 602 and 500, then check the input cord, circuit breaker, line switch and associated leads. See Wiring Diagram.
9. If the correct voltages are at the FAN terminals, then check for correct voltages at the fan motor. See Wiring Diagram.
10. If the correct voltages are at the fan motor, possible bad motor.

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