loudest 2017 lincoln mkz how to add aftermarket amp and highs to 2017 + MKZ Lincoln

loudest 2017 lincoln mkz how to add aftermarket amp and highs to 2017 + MKZ Lincoln

Wanted to share some info I couldn’t find anywhere. How to add aftermarket highs to 2017+ Lincoln MKZ. HOPE THIS HELPS! OH YEA AND FOR THOSE THAT SAID 22S CANT FIT ,I GOT SOMETHING TO SHOW YOU! LOL.
the key to 22s on the 2017+ is to have a +35 offset rim with 255/30/22 tires. fits perfect! I’m predicting a 152db.



Prestigious Innovation Development LLC says:

SOME THINGS YOU WILL NEED TO KNOW: I suggest a audio control line output converter or other equivalent quality LOC. Plan on spending 100.00 plus on it.
You will tap into your door speakers mid way up the front doors under the side door plastic trim. Take note of the color of the speaker wires under the door panel. You will find the same color under the side plastic floor trim twisted in the wiring harness.
Be careful there is another set of twisted wires for your side airbags there. Don't mix them up. They will go off and lock the seatbelt if you do.
Run wires to there and from there on each side.so 8wires on each side 4 going to the line output converter and 4 coming from your amp. I mounted my LOC next to the 6x9s in the rear deck.
NOTE: from factory the rear 6x9s only play bass. No words come through them via the stock amp.
when buying a highs amp make sure it is 2 ohm stable in sterio mode. Then run your rear doors and rear 6x9s in parallel and in sterio at the amp. So you keep your balance control . Most quality amps will nearly double the output power when going from 4 ohms to 2ohms. Plus have 1/2 the resistance so you can very easily power them This way.
I used CT Sounds pro audio stratos componant sets in all 4 doors. Each door having 1x. 6.5, 1x 1" tweeter custom mounted next to the handle and 1x crossover mounted in each door.
Also has 3 way ct sounds meso 6x9s in rear deck .
AFor subs it's got 2x dc audio level 5 15s powered by a crescendo 3500.1 running at .5 ohms to push around 4600 rms to the subs . Subs are mounted in a 6th order fiberglassed and sealed front to back bandpasss with a 2nd xs power battery , clerion 6 CH line driver and Crossover "makes a big difference" audio control epicenter , fosgate prime highs amp " needs upgraded" , 1/0 cables. ,
From factory the car has 3 noise cansuling mics. They are located :. 1 in the center rear under headliner. About 1.3 feet up from the rear window in the center. The other 2 are on each side about 8 towards the center under the headliner right next to the handles that are parallel with the front seat backs. You will need to remove the plastic next to the front seat backs on the piller on each side. Before I removed them I thought it sounded Decent after I did it sounded amazing. It really is worth it.
One more note:
this car is prone to noise issues when adding a highs amp. I recommend using a quality LOS and also using ground loop isolaters if You have a issue. Also keep your LOC gain level very low. Also run your power under The car to keep it away from speaker wires etc. Hope this helps someone.

I own a a custom car and motorcycle business that specializes in custom paint , car audio and air suspension. If anyone need any equipment I can provide packages and custom fit speaker boxes that look factory for this or any other car. Our customer support is 2nd to none. We can walk you through the whole process and fix you up with everything you need. please contact me here or shoot me a text at 740-338-8672 my name is Eric Cotrell
Can also find us on facebook.
Or EZ's Customs LLC on FBook.
Hope this helps someone. Send me pics of your ride and install. I'd like to see them. If anyone is I tested in a custom paint job you can receive 30% off with code :MKZ.
Check out my other videos to see some of my work.

Thank you .
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Enjoy your new system and Have a great day!!!

Marlin Miller says:

Hey I use your help please if u don't mind …..Do you now the measurements of the mkz's trunk for 2 15" Kickers if so can u DM to me thanks

John Copeland says:

Ford should be ashamed of themselves for making the highs so hard to upgrade. Yeah, their premium systems are better than what factory systems used to be, but they SUCK compared to quality aftermarket speakers that are amped up. As in they're not even in the same ballpark.

Ez _Dozit23 says:

Where did you run your power wire

Jarod Christie says:

at 2:35 you were talking about the rear 6's only putting out bass and they were basically useless, is there a way to wire them or a setting to switch to in order to actually make them fully useful?

Christopher Sandoval says:

Does any1 have the wire codes 4 the rear 6×9s?? Positive & negative??

Robert Gover says:

will this same process work for a 2011 mks

Steve Campanella says:

Did u have a hard time with rim selections with the 5 by 108 bolt pattern..im looking for rims now

Bearded Gamer says:

Any info on any type of lowering kits for a 2017 Lincoln Continental?

ChangchungLeds says:

Bro. What you do with ANC microphones?

HpnotiqGT says:

Hey man how did you get past that firewall? I got a 2017 lincoln to and I can't figure it out haha

SilverTreasures says:

I paid off my 2015 MKZ a few months back and since then I’ve been looking to install my old subwoofer and amp. I retired my 12” mtx9500 and Rockford Fosgate T1500 constant power amp a about 5 years ago when I bought the car lol. but lately I’ve been craving that ridiculous thunder… My question is – What do I need to hook it up? I have my ground wire, power cord, rca… I’m just curious how to feed the audio wires to the factory head unit and* if I will need a converter etc… I can run the power cable and ground, I’m just hesitant about messing with any of the wires on the factory head unit. Any key things to know or any advise would be very helpful. Figured I would ask you since I basically just watched you strip her down naked. Lol (I plan to leave the head unit stock as well as all of the factory speakers)

Tony says:

Jesus man… clean the inside of your car. Its a Lincoln MKZ not a trash can HAHAHA

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