Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited upgrades

Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited upgrades

In this episode, you will learn how to replace the stock intake tube to a P71 INTERCEPTOR tube for a better throttle response!

What you will get out of the drivability is enhanced throttle response, increase MPG healthier stronger engine tone.

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@ChristopherCerta says:

Love the color (Blue)

@SBCBears says:

Show me the numbers showing that part improves that engine's performance. Til then, nope.

@yousefhamdoun3010 says:

Do you also have to replace the box? Or will the p71 tube fit on the stock box? I have an 07 TC btw

@markaaronsite says:

Thanks but I bought it used w/o the 5 digits. The dealer wanted $185.00 for the code. Live the upgrades.

@markaaronsite says:

hey man, any idea where the 5 digit keyless door code is hidden in a 2010 Lincoln Town Car? Thanks!

@FLSTN1 says:

I know it has been almost a year on this video, where can I find a kit for my 07 signature limited as a matter of fact is same color as this one on the video.

@zyad3752 says:

Do you have a link ?
I have 2003 town car signature L

@user-mf9ug5ev8w says:

What part of San deago

@hotrodlincoln7186 says:

I ordered the whole kit. Meaning I didn't just replace the tube. The diameter on the air box on the p71 is alot bigger then on the town car. I got the whole thing. Meaning the whole air box and the tubing. And it does sound alot better.

@tytymaraj5673 says:

Is this part still available and if so where can I find one? 09' Signature Limited

@jakethesnake4971 says:

What can I use for my 01 crown vic lx? Will this fit on an 01?

@acts2211 says:

Miss my 05 town car

@yipphipptv3496 says:

So i went to the salvage and found a p71 air intake only to later find out my lincoln town cars air filter faces downwards and not frontwards like yours. Also the plug in part for the mac sensor is much wider than yours. From what ive seen so far on the internet, ive only seen the ones like mine. I wonder why yours is placed differently. I have the 98 executive series. Just bought it with 88k miles

@casimirotucuca4468 says:

i have a 2009 for sale, if anyone intrested…

@rolls-royceowner1108 says:

I have a 2004 Lincoln Town Car Ultimate fully equipped with a mere 22,900+ miles on the clock. I am always looking for upgrades. These cars are dynamos. I have a friend in New York that still uses a fleet of Town Cars for airport limos and other 'for-hire' situations. I drove one with 548,000+ miles on it and I couldn't tell the difference from mine.

@djmillz7029 says:

where did you get the p71 new?

@Hi65Fi says:

I did this to my 05 & engine light came on after a half hour, i forgot the code. Cleared it and same thing. Put awful stock unit back on, never any codes. Can't figure ot out.

@billwanke1681 says:

Looks like the part is no longer available. I’m interested in it but wonder how I can fabricate it to work in the rain too as we get a bunch here in the Midwest. Any ideas on how to proof it for rains? Thx & send new link.

@jamesbass9797 says:

Hey man I just picked up another 2003 signature series 4.6 liter. Where did you get this P71 replacement part at? I'd like to get one myself. Thanks.

@vacairripatterson1504 says:

Where can I find a part like that I’m trying to do the same thing

@mikeceli says:

Why would you want to make a nice, quiet Town Car sound like a Patrol Unit?


Just installed my p71 sounds and run like a champ 15min job at best thanks bro

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