Lincoln MKZ AC issue

Lincoln MKZ AC issue


@MrBgreen88 says:

This JUST happened to me this morning!! My skid plate is gone but luckily it happened on my street so after I heard the part fall off and figured out what was going on (thanks to you) I went back and sure enough there it is. Is that really all it takes? A bolt to put it back on? I can’t find the shim, where did that go, and will gasket maker work???

@palmerjames29 says:

This very common on fords.

@johnhovorka3062 says:

Always enjoy your videos.

@donofthejuan8839 says:

That’ll be $400 ma’am

@markbrynteson5141 says:

How much did you charge to fix that?

@richardlopez8253 says:

You are the GOAT

@carlossaenz4075 says:

Here maybe u can show something on a Pretensioner passengers seat belt on a nissan frontier king cab 4cyc , seat belt light just came on for no reason

@cactassdupree7285 says:

You're very good

@Calvin7007 says:

Where R U Located?

@toddabbott781 says:

Might have been a factory issue, but I am guessing the clutch was taken off during another repair (maybe just changing a belt), and they did not reattach it correctly (not sure but either not torqued to the right specification or it should have had Loctite applied). Just my guess though as I have not really worked on cars in decades really.

@scottgwin01 says:

I'm seeing a pattern on your page, mostly Fords!! LOL

@brianbenz3613 says:

Lucky customer of yours most shops would lie and say they need a new A/C compressor

@BakoRick says:

Common issue on these Fords.

@dominicjohnson3588 says:

I had a mkz come in with the same issue and it was in the skid plate as well

@jimford2338 says:

My 2013 Explorer did the same thing. I think they forgot to put loc-tite on the clutch bolt at the factory parts supplier. Must have been Friday 3 pm!

@kenbowser5622 says:

man, that's the shir

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