Lincoln MKX rear subwoofer Ford edge rear subwoofer

Lincoln MKX rear subwoofer Ford edge rear subwoofer


@elijahgreen803 says:

How did you get the sub out I got mine tore apart right now screws out and all but the subwoofer just spins it won’t come out

@joecocherdz says:

Shallow mount or regular length?

@Packer1290 says:

I want to replace all the speakers in my 2016 mkx. Stock base stereo is the worst I've had in any car since my 1993 Saturn I bought new.

@romeroarnulfo6499 says:

Hello if you can help me. What size is the factory subwoofer for Ford Edge 2010 thank you very much!!

@thewarpuggaming1137 says:

Wondering wattage of it I have a 11 and wanna upgrade it but also looking at making or getting 3 for under rear seat

@jordanlagestee says:

What year truck man. Doing the same thing Monday to my 14 edge

@KwiK808 says:

Other than checking to see how can I know if my 07 Ford edge SEL has subs?

@semc_jonathan says:

What ohm skar sub did u put in there

@angelmarcelino1113 says:

How did you do it

@grandtheftauto1233 says:

Gotta be bumpin nice dude

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