HOW TO: Ford Edge / Lincoln MKX / Headlight Bulb Replacement (2011-2014)

HOW TO: Ford Edge / Lincoln MKX / Headlight Bulb Replacement (2011-2014)

This thorough How To video shows you how to easily replace the driver and passenger side headlight bulbs on your 2011-2014 Ford Edge or Lincoln MKX.

Part Needed: Philips 9012CVB2 CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade Headlight Bulb (9012 HIR2), 2 Pack
This is the exact bulb used in this video –



Gene Brinkley says:

Much thanks. I was having a hard time getting the new bulb's tabs lined up with the housing until I saw this video. Worked like a charm to get them reseated.

Tasha T. says:

I just swapped mine today, thank you for the easy to follow instructions!

Texas Precision says:

I wonder if the housing twists, or is oriented differently on various Edges, because the bulb I pulled out was clocked differently than yours (it was at the 10-oclock locked, and 7 oclock unlocked position. I now can't get the replacement installed correctly for the life of me.

This shit is driving me crazy too. I've literally rebuilt engines. I just Sync3 swapped this car yesterday, and the headlights are doing me in. FML.

Good video BTW.

moh ala says:

I have same ford edge 2011 I got new headlight and new bulbs but still has weak brightness for head light what I have to do any advice?

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