Fuel pump replacement 2001 2002 Lincoln Town Car Install gas pump

Fuel pump replacement 2001 2002 Lincoln Town Car Install gas pump

Fuel pump replacement 2001 2002 Lincoln Town Car If you are wondering how to install or remove or replace an part on your car, I hope this video will help show you how to change it.
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thisguy fromyoutubesaid says:

You didnt show us how you go to this point. All you showed us is the few bolts you took off on the fuel pump but anyone can figure that out.

Gabriel gonzalez says:

How did you remove that connection that goes along the fuel hoses

Juanitho Estrada says:

Do you know the 3 wire color codes? Mine were already cut

crowndkng1 says:


Maria says:

My car has been turning off when i press da brake but it only do's it in gear its fine wants it gets going when i stop at a light i gotta have my foot on brake and gas at da sametime also loses power sometimes when i give it gas. Do u thing its da fuel pump or da fuel filter?

Petr Drbal says:

Great video , does anybody know what wires near the connector would be to test the pump with aligators to hear the pump before taking the 8 bolts out?

marie drais says:

Around 2:30 when you mentioned that you got the electrical connector sitting atop the back passenger wheel off with a pick and a screwdriver, do you remember how so specifically? Currently in the process of removing the fuel pump on my '99 marquis and am stuck trying to disconnect this piece

MrBodean2010 says:

I have code p1151 on my lincoln towncar.

Billy Crouch says:

Thanks for the video! It helped me do mine, but let me even give MORE tips that I just learned! I JUST did mine, on my 2001 Lincoln Town car last night. AT night, with
1 rechargeable stick light, in a parking lot, with only the rear
passenger side of the car jacked up on the ground! NOT using a lift.
It can be done! I did NOT drop the exhaust. HARDEST thing is taking
that 1 electric connection apart. Your video doesnt show that plug or the tab, which is the most critical pain in the butt step! After looking at the new plug, seeing how
the tab works, as you CANT see that on the one on the car as its only an
inch or so clearance, i saw that you could use an ICE PIC or something
similar, to stick up on the top "hole" on the side of that plug, pushing
the top of the ice pick on TOP of the plug once you come in from that
hole on the SIDE of the plug, to press DOWN on that tab, like a lever
mechanism and that plug pulled RIGHT OFF. Took forever to figure it out, as trying to go ontop of that plug with something as you point out, just was NOT working at all. So after what I just figured out, there is NO NEED to CUT WIRES!!!!! Plug comes off VERY EASY doing what I just did. One has to first know HOW that plug works and latches. I then, reached up ontop of the tank in the front, to pull that other plug down and got that apart with no problem. Took the fuel lines off. got the pump out, but having to turn it sideways and
working it up and above the differential. You just have to "mess" with
it, and it WILL come out. Then put it all back. I did this laying ON
THE GROUND, on my back, with just a car jack, at NIGHT!
No cutting wires,as if one understands how that plug works, no need to cut wires, no car upon a lift, no dropping exhaust! (as doing this on the ground, I wouldnt have had room to crawl up under there with exhaust down) I did this all from the PASSENGER side, not drivers side. Just a "heads up" of what I learned. Your video helped me to even be able to attempt to do this on my own. I am NOT a mechanic at all.Wanted to take your video and tips a bit further.

Adrian Sullivan says:

Thanks from Europe mate! Best video about lincoln fuel pump on the net!

Walter Bray says:

I was going to help my friend change his but to drop the exhaust, he's screwed.

Finley Jenkins says:

Just amazing What's up, yoA threatening penitent What's your opinion about that, gyys 11

SilentServiceCode says:


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